Rosa is a Guatemalan vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Alejandro and the mother of Oscar.


She is often considered to be the only "pure" white vixen from Latin America as she has pure white fur with ice blue eyes. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return her clothing is just as cold as her appearance. Rosa wears a light blue blouse, a black knee length skirt, a black belt across her waist, black leather gloves, standard colored tights and high heels.


Rosa is just as protective of Oscar as the Bosnian vixen Sabina is of Miroslav yet the two are not as protective of their children as Lucia, Maria or Cristina are of their children because their children are younger children. Like many other vixens in the Junta such as the Russian vixen Viktoria and the Bulgarian vixen Svetlana and all the vixens in the Junta she treats her son like his age and whilst she treats Josefina and Santiago like babies she does not take it over the top (not that any of the vixens take the treatment of the babies over the top)

She is also very understanding and though she understands the other vixens and the younger children she has no understanding or compassion at first to Animalia's former first Lady Emily because as she puts it "she does not deserve respect" but later regrets this decision. Most vixens in the Junta such as Sofia and Svetlana often say that there is an empowering aura shown in Rosa's personality and so does everyone who ever meet her, even the ones who despise her say she is like a female Kim il-Sung minus his personality cult, and this statement is very true because she is very overpowering towards her enemies, in battle Rosa is a very fierce fighter being from the most violent country in central America.

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