Rudolf is a Slovak fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Slovak general Stefan and his wife Silvia.


Compared to his friend Vytautus who is Lithuanian Rudolf has red fur which, much like the Hungarian fox Tibor, leads to a myth and legend about him which is also like the Cambodian dog Saloth. Like the Ecuadorian fox Jeronimo Rudolf is arguably the darkest European Junta child as he wears a black long sleeved T-Shirt with white sleeves, black denim trousers and a long black coat.


Not only is Rudolf close to the Lithuanian fox Vytautus but he is also very close to other older Junta boys two of them being the Czech fox Alexander and the Bosnian fox Miroslav. He also is rather close to the Slovene fox Josip despite the fact he is the darkest child in the Fox Junta. He has a rather healthy sense of humour but is also rather aggressive as Miroslav suggests to harm Siad by getting Rudolf to attack him and is also surprised that he is very strong and powerful to the point that by the time Rudolf stops attacking Siad he is literally defenseless, Artashes also calls him "just as cruel as Voldemort" but often calls the attack "happy slapping" though Nikolay says this is totally not the case.

His violence also has an effect on Siad which is described as "fighting erosion" which means that every attack Rudolf launches on Siad the lion loses his ability to fight. But not only does Rudolf attack Siad but he also has the older boys participate in the attack but many refuse and eventually Rudolf decides against the attacks. His attack on the lion also proves to be a good source of entertainment for many Asian dogs mainly Yahya, Saddam, Saloth, Ne and many others who also join in the attack. Despite this violence in his personality though Rudolf is respected on the same level as many other older Junta boys particularly the Chilean fox Marco.

Though he does not normally criticize any of the generals in the Fox Junta he calls the Estonian general Arnold "The Water Fox" because of his eccentricities and usage of water during his time on stage throwing water bombs at Toomas, Santiago who ends up with a wet nappy and starts crying, Svetlana and Konstantin then later throwing three water bombs which hit Ranger, Josefina who starts crying and Nicolae and eventually having Rudolf pout ice cold water down Vytautus' back. The fox later runs down the aisle and out the door. The Lithuanian fox gets his own back though and pours ice cold water on Rudolf but luckily for him he does not wear his coat.

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