Rupen is an Armenian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the left hand man of Krikor.


He has gold tinged fur with a dark blue underbelly and face with red markings around his eyes. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, dark blue trousers, a dark blue jacket and a dark blue tie.


When it comes to punctuality Rupen demands it as much as Krikor does saying to his driver "That's no excuse. Krikor demands punctuality, and so do I." he is also as disciplined as Krikor if not more disciplined and because he and Serzh are Krikor's left and right hand men the two are also very close to each other. As well as punctuality he also expects as much discipline from the Armenian faction as much as Krikor does as well hence why he likes Artashes as a teenager better than a baby. This attitude also leads to his dislike of young children and babies, as well as very heartless he can come off as being very aggressive.

However he is not only very loyal to Krikor but also to his real boss Roberto, his discipline also leads to him being pleased with the Junta vixens, very pleased because they are a lot more disciplined than some children if not a lot of children, like Valko Rupen is quite possibly the most feared and disciplined general in the Junta and it is this characteristic about him that Artashes likes about him and as such Rupen is liked better by Artashes than Artashes is liked better than any of his teachers. His militarised personality also comes into range with many armed groups such as the L.O.A and some terrorist groups.

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