Ruslana is an Animalian politician, former secret agent and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Kuvasz even though she is Ukrainian and is the second dog to be one breed but to be another nationality the other being Tatiana who is a Samoyed though she is Belarusian. In her soldier days Ruslana wears a black and purple rubber bodysuit like a wetsuit and black rubber gloves whilst in her soldier days she wears a dark green dress, black tights and black pumps.


Ruslana is just as fearless in battle as much as anyone be they in the A.P.F or not, Slavic or not Slavic or ally or enemy. She also has a message to war and battle which is "Bring it on" She is also just as good with firearms as much as any other agents in the A.P.F such as Asma, Mehriban, Nina or her friends Mikhaylyna and Yulia all of which are skilled with mainly pistols. Not only is she very slick but she is also a skilled gymnast as well as very acrobatic some would even say flexible. She can be very seductive and also very vivacious, as well as just as close to the other A.P.F agents as them all.

Many also say that she is just as superb a criminal enough to often be considered the agent's leader though some believe it is really Asma who is the agents' leader, because Ruslana is Slavic she is also very close to the other female Slavic dogs. She loves power as much as them as well and as much as her enemies do, but she is also fiercely unrepentant refusing to apologize for most crimes she committed. She is just as sophisticated however as Yahya or Ali believing that Charlie called upon her "to carry out her prime duty". Like Gaetano though Ruslana tries not to show her strength she is a tough dog. Nonetheles she is good with young Junta children and is good with the Junta babies but though her suit is strong she is just as cautious around the babies as much as Asma, Mehriban or other agents in the A.P.F. Ruslana is mostly cautious round Santiago but the times when Josefina tries to play with her far outweighs the times Santiago does, she has little to know change in her government time.

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