Sabina is a Bosnian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Dragutin and the mother of Miroslav .


She has darker blue fur than her son but lighter fur than her husband. She also has a white underbelly and face. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she has a more human figure and wears a white dress with brown tights but like the majority of the Junta members she goes with bare feet.


Like any normal fox or vixen Sabina is very cunning and sly but is also a serious character on the same level as a friend of her's:Cristina and has a sense of humour that is as dry as the Czech vxen's Ivana. She is also very respectful and though she feels like she could curl up on a pew and go to sleep when she hears choir music she refuses because she says that animals need to use the pews. Her respect also makes her an unselfish character because whilst she hasn't lost anyone to the Animalian Junta she does pay respects to those who have lost their relatives to the Junta.

However she can be rather favouritistic having good relations with other members of the Fox Junta, the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front because of their canine majority and yet having a very icy relationship with the former First Lady Emily because she is a cat, when her son asks why she has an icy relation with the former First Lady she replies with "It's tradition. We are dogs and Emily is a cat" but even though she has a very icy relation with Emily she is not as disrespectful to enemies as Florencio is to Siad never calling him by his name. Aside from her favouritistic personality though she does have friendships with her allies and also loves her husband and son.

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