Saddam is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front .


He was named after the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.


He is an anthropomorphic English Mastiff despite the fact he is Iraqi often giving giving thought that Oswald has joined because Oswald is also an English Mastiff. In his guerrilla days Saddam wears dark green trousers, a long sleeved sometimes a short sleeved light green shirt or a brown shirt with red shoulder pads similar to what Saddam Hussein would wear. In his government days he wears a white shirt, a light blue suit jacket and light blue trousers. Saddam speaks English and Arabic.


One of the many charecteristics about Saddam is that he doesn't mind killing and also says "If I get suspicion about an animal I kill him." but despite his statement he spares members of the Fox Junta and the National Protection Process as he sees them as allies because foxes are also like dogs. There is also no doubt that he possesses a certain animal cunning. Despite the fact he is very suspicious about the remaining Junta guards at Trebdanek he decides not to kill any of them and arrests some of them. After they are pardoned along with Animalia's former First Lady Emily Saddam's suspicion about them disintegrates. In his government days he is much less suspicious and much more open and trusting.

In comparison to the other Iraqi dog Ahmed who he also worked with Saddam is generally seen as much more aggressive at times with Rana, Raghdad and Hala when they first met each other owing to their time in the Iraqi Special Operations Forces and his time serving as Ahmed's deputy, he is also shown to be a competent leader in spite of his impetuous behavior. Also, as most Arab dogs note, he also has a very strained relation with many Israeli dogs which is often unexplained though it may have something to do with Iraq's non existent relations with Israel.

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