Sasha le Fleur, or just Sasha, is a character in the All Dogs go to Heaven series first appearing in its sequel All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 as the tritagonist, also appearing as the tritagonist of the TV series and is a supporting character in An All Dogs Christmas Carol.

She is the girlfriend of Charlie Barkin and in the Anthro Saga, is married to him. In literature, Sasha is the protagonist of The King of Hell.


She is an Irish setter with golden fur and her underbelly is light golden-cream. She has dark brown hair, which blends in with her golden fur.and light green eyes, her beauty also catches the eyes of many male dogs.

In her first appearance she is a normal dog but in her return in the Anthro Saga she is a soldier in the Animalian Patriotic Front. During her first time in the A.P.F Sasha wears a white blouse, a dark blue jacket and a dark blue skirt which she also wears in her soldier days the second time she is in the A.P.F but in her government time she doesn't change except that she adds tights.

In The King of Hell, Sasha is semi anthropomorphic which means that she is anthropomorphic but goes bare; however when Annabelle arrives in Westminster, Sasha alongside Whisper, Bold, Charmer and Ranger is turned into a normal dog to pursue Belladonna who has also arrived in Westminster. She is later turned back into a semi-anthro when she enters Saint Paul's Cathedral with Whisper, Bold, Charmer and Ranger.

When she turns herself into a hell hound to fight Belladonna, Sasha undergoes a radical change: Her fur which is golden now gives off a golden tinge which disappears once the transformation is complete and her fur goes brown, she appears far muscular with any shred of femininity gone and also appears larger. Like Bold and Ranger, her claws are far more prominent but so are her teeth, in particular her canine teeth.

Also like Bold and Ranger, her normally beautiful exterior becomes mangled and hideous (in the case of Bold and Ranger, their normally handsome exterior become mangled and hideous when they are turned into hell foxes). Her tail now splits in two like the tail of Cerberus unlike the hell foxes whose tails remain whole, two bat like wings sprout from her back like other hell hounds and the hell fox forms of Bold and Ranger her face also becomes far more monstrous;

Her eyes glow green for a short period of time as well unlike the eyes of Bold whose eyes glow red in his hell fox form; even when Annabelle breaks his conditioning so he will attack any members of the Triumvirate of Evil. After she defeats the Triumvirate of Evil, Annabelle casts a spell on Sasha that keeps her hideous exterior, her Cerberus like tails and her wings but she is reduced to average height. The spell also takes away all the powers she possessed as a hell hound except for flight. Another spell that the Queen of Heaven casts on Sasha at the end of the story finally turns her back to normal.


The King of Hell:

In literature, Sasha is a joint record holder with Lady Blue in All Animals are Equal for the longest absence of a main protagonist as the former does not appear in The King of Hell until Part 3 and likewise, Lady Blue does not appear in All Animals are Equal until Part 3 though this owes to story reasons and the events of Operation Maharaja.

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Full Version with Lyrics 2014

Total Eclipse of the Heart, Full Version with Lyrics 2014

The song that Sasha sings at the beginning of the story: Total Eclipse of the Heart.

As with her previous appearance in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, Sasha appears at a nightclub in San Francisco in California (her original location would have been New Orleans in Louisiana but this is only the location for the first All Dogs Go to Heaven film) where she is a singer rather than a soldier like she appears in the Anthro Saga. She is first shown on the stage flanked by her dancers Jenna and Perdita.

Whilst she ends her song, Sasha is greeted with the very same enthusiastic reaction that Vixen receives in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame when she is put into the ring with Dreamer including cheers, raucous amounts of applause and shouts of "Go on girl!"

The applause soon dies down with the appearance of a pink-purple light in the air and the arrival of Annabelle (though Sasha believes the whippet to be Belladonna). The whippet follows the exact same pattern as Belladonna when she arrives at Earth however and so under Sasha's orders, other dogs attack the whippet with everything ranging from knives and forks to glasses and broken wine bottles hoping to shoot her down.

The weapons do nothing however and Annabelle blasts her attackers with magical energy causing them to scatter despite Sasha's calls for re-armament as the whippet takes to the skies again. Sasha too tries to flee but Annabelle orders her to stay where she is and when she does finally meets the whippet face to face; when Sasha asks however why she came to Earth Annabelle refuses to answer instead telling Sasha to follow her and she will explain everything.

However, Annabelle is starting to vanish into the same pink-purple light she had when she arrived on Earth so when Sasha asks how she can possibly follow her, the whippet tells her to follow the light. By following the light, Sasha is taken first to a cemetery and then into the chapel where Annabelle reveals all:

She has chosen Sasha to go on a mission to destroy the hell hound formula: A form of super-weapon which can turn ordinary dogs into hell hounds, but the formula also works on foxes turning ordinary foxes into "hell foxes". She further explains that the formula is in the hands of the "Triumvirate of Evil" who intend to use it to turn all dogs into hell hounds and take over the world.

Sasha is already familiar with two members of the Triumvirate due to previous experience; these members being Red and Belladonna, Annabelle further explains that the Triumvirate of Evil are the three most powerful and evil beings in the world and together they consist of Red (The King of Hell), Mirage (The Queen of Hell and Red's wife) and Belladonna (The cat's main henchwoman who has been sent to Earth to spread the formula through the world) at first, the Irish setter is dubious as to why Annabelle has sent her on the mission when she had other angels to choose from.

Once Annabelle tells Sasha that she has more common sense however than "Mr Barkin." she gets the Irish setter on her side. However Sasha is told that to defeat the triumvirate she cannot do it on her own so gives her a unique resource to help her: Four foxes shown to her by Annabelle and each recruited not only for their cunning but the additional reasons:

  • Whisper: For her stealth and elegance,
  • Bold: For his brave and headstrong attitude,
  • Charmer: Equally for her brave nature owing to her mating with Ranger against the advice of Fox and her family but also for her fierce fighting owing to her killing several rats in Series 3 of The Animals of Farthing Wood,
  • And Ranger: Equally for his refusal to accept the red-blue fox feud and also his courage owing to him likewise going against his family to be with Charmer in The Animals of Farthing Wood.

But they are also recruited due to their prior experience: Whisper having experience with Mirage due to the events of Mirage of Arabia, Bold having some experience with Belladonna at the end of Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and Charmer and Ranger having experience with Belladonna in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet.

Annabelle however does not touch on their experience and instead Sasha is sent with Whisper, Bold, Charmer and Ranger into a portal to the last location that Belladonna has not struck: The City of London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and the home of the four foxes.

Westminster-palace-look-down 100327-1400x1050

The city of Westminster where Annabelle sends Sasha and the foxes.

The portal takes Sasha and the foxes to the City of Westminster where she demands an explanation to the experience that the four foxes have with the Triumvirate: Bold has experience with Belladonna after a story told to him by Vixen at the end of the events of Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and as such calls her "The Evil One" whilst Charmer and Ranger tell Sasha of their experience likewise with Belladonna due to the events of War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet.

Having heard of the experience with Belladonna, the foxes and Sasha seem to gang up on Whisper because she was quiet whilst the other three foxes told Sasha about their experience with Belladonna but she willingly tells them of her experience with Mirage due to the events of Mirage of Arabia. And once she does, the foxes ask Sasha about her experience and whilst she tells them of Belladonna, she also tells them of Red.

As interesting as Sasha's story about Red is however, she is concerned for Ranger when he begins to feel uneasy as are the other foxes; When Sasha asks what's wrong, the fox replies that he feels uncomfortably warm despite the British night being a lot cooler; the group look at the sky after Whisper informs Sasha about purple light appearing in it...Belladonna has arrived.

As Belladonna arrives, Sasha warns the foxes about the whippet's arrival particularly as she gets closer to Earth. And as she does, the whippet follows the same flight pattern she had when she attacked other countries: Circling the sky like a vulture before coming in to attack like a dive bomber.

Only this time, the whippet does not attack and instead takes one look at the dog and the foxes and flies away. Sasha and the foxes try to give chase but they feel anchored to the floor which they believe has been caused by Belladonna's arrival.

The inability for any of the group to chase Belladonna actually comes from the arrival of Annabelle who apologizes for making the group unable to move before casting a spell on Sasha making her a normal dog as well as the foxes turning them into normal foxes in addition to tell her that in order to chase Belladonna, there is one principle: Four legs good, two legs bad. Finally, as Annabelle vanishes Sasha orders the foxes to follow her and the group chases after Belladonna, the whippet of whom pans Sasha's progress and seeming inability to keep up with the foxes:

"IS THIS THE BEST I CAN SEE?! Even a person running in flip flops could do better!"


St Paul's Cathedral.

At first, the chase takes the group to Westminster Abbey until the whippet changes course and instead lures the group to St. Paul's Cathedral. When Belladonna is nowhere to be seen, Sasha is dubious as to letting the group inside because of pink-purple light shining in the doorway to the cathedral; eventually she concedes and as she takes the group inside, she is restored to her anthropomorphic form.

Inside Saint Paul's Cathedral is a very eerie atmosphere which is increased further as the cathedral is practically deserted; only to hear the sound of Latin singing which unsettles her because it is a lot more aggressive than the standard Latin singing. The voices take Sasha and the foxes to a cult who are practicing a ritual and perform it.

Phantasmagoria - Theme

Phantasmagoria - Theme

The chanting heard by Sasha and the foxes

As they continue chanting, the singing pulls Sasha's friends away from her for the very first time as the singing affects first Charmer then Whisper and finally Bold and Ranger. However, with the arrival of Belladonna the foxes retreat back to Sasha and the five of them watch as the whippet disintegrates the cult, reducing them to ashes and leaving their cloaks behind.

When Whisper and Belladonna finally meet each other face to face, Sasha destroys any chances of potential negotiation by demanding an explanation as to what has happened to Westminster Abbey to which the whippet replies:


Sasha later reveals to Charmer the reason why Belladonna came to Saint Paul's in particular but at first gives an implication as to what will happen:

"There are five hundred and twenty five million if not more dogs on this planet. And if I'm right, within a year, none will ever be the same again."

Then the plan is revealed: Whilst the Irish setter was being briefed by Annabelle, the evil whippet was spreading the hell hound formula through the world turning normal dogs around the world into hell hounds and England is the last remaining country not affected by the formula.

The whippet intends to use Saint Paul's Cathedral to spread the hell hound formula through England intending to use it to help the Triumvirate of Evil take over the world as it will mean normal dogs will be turned into hell hounds and foxes will be turned into hell foxes. And likewise, vixens will be turned into hell vixens. Sasha turns the tables on Belladonna ridiculing her plan stating that it will never work because she is outnumbered:

"There's five of us! And only one of you!"

But the whippet replies "Five of you? I don't think so!" and casts a spell on Bold causing him to reel back in pain and springing Sasha into telling the foxes to get him outside because she has a horrible feeling as to what is going to happen to him.

While Sasha shows the same amount of concern for Bold as Whisper, Ranger and Charmer, she has Whisper especially retreat as the transformation has started to get worse. When the vixen asks why, Sasha replies:

"In a few moments from now, he'll never be the same fox again! He'll never be the Bold ANY of you know!"

She and the other three foxes watch Bold transform into a hell fox and once the transformation is over they also watch as Bold takes off to wreak havoc on London. With him gone, Sasha is then confronted by Belladonna who laughs dementedly and declares:


Sasha orders Whisper, Ranger and Charmer to attack Belladonna even summoning Annabelle to help her which fails miserably and the whippet is forced to retreat back to Heaven. Belladonna also claims another victim when she attacks Ranger and turns him into a hell fox; this transformation however is not fully viewed by Sasha or the remaining foxes that she has: Whisper and Charmer as they have already chased Belladonna who has fled into Saint Paul's Cathedral ready to head for the top of the cathedral to turn the last of billions of dogs and foxes into hell hounds and hell foxes. The last indicator that Ranger has been transformed into a hell fox is a roar akin to the Godzilla villain Destoroyah that he gives out.

Inside Saint Paul's Cathedral, Whisper and Charmer join Sasha in chasing Belladonna through the cathedral but the former seems to give up. However, Sasha manages to get her back on her side and the chase continues to the point where they manage to find Belladonna.

Sasha wants to confront the whippet but Whisper brings her back because this whippet is actually a fake as proven when the whippet glows with light and reveals Mirage who tells the Irish Setter:


The setter soon can only look on as the cat casts a spell on Whisper turning the vixen against her; as the setter tries to tend to Whisper, Charmer tells her to keep away as the cat vanishes. Then finally, the real Belladonna comes out of the shadows and blasts Sasha with magical energy throwing her onto her stomach and throwing her at Whisper's feet.

Whisper soon grabs Sasha's throat and lifts her off the ground trying to strangle her. Sasha is only saved by the intervention of Charmer who wrenches Whisper away from Sasha and the vixens fight as the Irish setter watches; Whisper joins Sasha's side as Belladonna finally attacks Charmer turning both vixens against her, with both vixens against her, an isolated Sasha is attacked viciously by the possessed Whisper and Charmer before Belladonna calls them off and has them frogmarch her to the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

On the top of the cathedral, Sasha orders the vixens to let her go and they do, but only when Belladonna tells them too; A defeated Sasha is thrown at the whippet's feet and is teased by Belladonna who considers aging her by three hundred years so she will be powerless when the Triumvirate take over the world. But the whippet tells her:

"Where would the fun be in all that, hmm?"

After she is teased by the whippet, Sasha asks how the formula will be spread across the United Kingdom: On top of Saint Paul's is a bomb which when loaded up and detonated has enough power to be equivalent to twenty four nuclear bombs and will spread the formula through the country.

But Sasha soon sees the formula in the whippet's hand and so wrestles it out of Belladonna's hands before forcing her to detonate the bomb causing it to explode harmlessly (the bomb only works when loaded with the hell hound formula). The bomb destroyed, a furious Belladonna attacks Sasha only to be bashed into the dome; with the whippet out of the way, Sasha summons Annabelle and is both relieved and devastated by her response:

She can turn Whisper and Charmer against Belladonna but she cannot turn Bold and Ranger back to normal. However, she can turn them against the Triumvirate, and so Annabelle turns the vixens back to normal and turns the two hell foxes against the Triumvirate. As Belladonna recovers, the dogs viciously fight and it gets so bad that Belladonna flies into the skies leaving Sasha seemingly unable to catch her.

As the hell hound formula appears in her hands, Sasha comes to learn another awful truth: If she is going to fight Belladonna, then she is going to have to become Belladonna...she is going to have to use the hell hound formula on herself and turn herself into a hell hound; something of which is met with massive opposition from Charmer and Whisper, the latter of whom thinks that if she uses the hell hound formula on herself then she is going to end up turning against her friends even more as she will end up helping the Triumvirate take over the world.

But Sasha takes the vixens back to the spell that Annabelle cast on them and tells them:

"If I take this formula, I may end up saving the world instead of destroying it!"

She also warns the vixens that they too are going to have to end up taking it, before she leaves Sasha gives first Whisper a tube of the formula then Charmer. The last words that the vixens hear her say are:

"I'm sorry. But I have to do this!"

Finally, Sasha leaves the vixens to take the hell hound formula; to take it, she unscrews the tube and drinks the formula. The formula has such an awful taste that Sasha struggles to keep it down, then as the formula takes effect she becomes weak and throws away the tube causing it to smash into a million pieces.

As the formula takes effect, the vixens watch in horror as Sasha writhes around on the cathedral top screaming in pain; and as the transformation dies down, her screams become a lot less prominent and her screams are replaced by roars and growls which shortly die down and die completely...The transformation has finished, and Sasha has turned herself into a hell hound.

I. Am


The boast Sasha gives to Belladonna.

A newly transformed Sasha gives out a terrible shriek and flies away from Saint Paul's Cathedral to fight Belladonna. The newly transformed Sasha first knocks Belladonna out of the sky and whilst the whippet gets to her feet instantly, Sasha struggles to get up only to be saved by Bold who attacks Belladonna felling her after the whippet tells her to look where she is going and she is meant to be destroying the city; as the hell hound gets to her feet, she retaliates with a Smaug type boast:

"Destroy? The city?! HA! I, Am, SASHA! I kill when I wish! I am strong! STRONG! STRONG!!!"

Finally, the real boast comes into play watched by Whisper and Charmer from the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral:

"My armor is like tenfold shields! My teeth are like swords! My claws, SPEARS! The shock of my tails, A THUNDERBOLT! My wings, A HURRICANE! And my breath...DEATH!"

While much of the boast is metaphorical, a lot of it is actually true: For example, when Sasha declares "The shock of my tails, A THUNDERBOLT!" a thunderbolt actually comes out of the sky and devastates the city's electricity supply plunging London into darkness and when she describes her wings as a hurricane, Sasha's wings produce a very strong wind that could be likened to a hurricane.

The wind produced by Sasha's wings are also enough to blow Belladonna off her feet but the whippet regains her composure. When she declares however that "My breath...DEATH!" she breathes fire onto the city, both torching it and illuminating it which allows the vixens to see everything.

She is further flanked by Bold and Ranger who prepare to attack the whippet but Sasha tells them to leave her alone and the fight is between Irish Setter and whippet. Sasha declares that is just her and Belladonna alone to which the whippet roars:


The hell hounds circle each other and just as Belladonna tries to fly away, Sasha grabs her leg and pulls her back down again. The fight carries to the sky where the hell hounds blasting each other with all they've got then finally as the fight gets more physical, Sasha appears to be defeated despite the spirited defense she puts up against Belladonna;

Belladonna is thrown into Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament and Sasha is thrown into the Gherkin and the Cheese-grater which seemingly kills her. A dying Sasha hovers above the River Thames and is finished off by Belladonna who blasts her with magical energy sending her plummeting into the Thames and as she does, Sasha dies.

Or so her friends think; if the spell cast on the foxes does not break Ranger or Bold psychologically so they attack any members of the Triumvirate then the actions of Belladonna certainly do, in particular they break Ranger who tries to attack Belladonna but Sasha emerges from the water and kills Belladonna herself by slashing her chest then tearing up her wings sending her plummeting into the Thames where she drowns.

The death of Belladonna however brings an even worse threat to Earth: The remaining members of the Triumvirate, Red and Mirage now in the form of dragons. While Red falls victim to Ranger and Bold, Mirage manages to avoid the hell foxes and goes straight for Sasha flashing with a raven coloured light as she turns back into her cat form.

As Mirage goes straight for her, the hell hound is taunted by the cat who tells her:

"Your situation is a pity, Sasha! No help will come! Especially for your last remaining allies!"
The cat however is proven wrong when Sasha orders Bold and Ranger to hold her off as she goes to warn Whisper and Charmer; but Mirage escapes, turns back into a dragon and flies back to Saint Paul's Cathedral. But Sasha gets there first and tells the vixens to use the last of the hell hound formula on themselves; she is forced to flee as the dragon gets closer and closer to Saint Paul's but is relieved when she sees that her plan has worked: Whisper and Charmer have escaped from Saint Paul's Cathedral by turning themselves into hell vixens.

Sasha confronts the Queen of Hell again when Charmer blasts holes in her wings causing her to crash land at the hell hounds feet, the dragon turns back to Mirage and is joined by the King of Hell who prepare to kill the hell hound once and for all.

Belladonna may be dead, but this time Red gloats to Sasha that she is now a hell hound; the one thing she tried not to be and further gloats that her friends are hell foxes but the Irish Setter/Hell hound does not seem to care because she has turned the hell foxes against the Triumvirate and so foolishly tells Red:

"I SAY YES! I've beaten you! And I don't care what you do to me now!"
She answers foolishly because Red tells her:

"You don't care what happens now, Sasha? GOOD! Then you can watch London, BURN!"
This means that while the hell hound formula has failed, he and Mirage will turn England into a hell on Earth and it will join the countless other countries that have been devastated by the formula. However she takes off to stop them and attacks the pair...but Red comes under attack himself and leaves Mirage to finish her off as he crashes into the Tower of London.

With Red out of action, Mirage attacks Sasha all over London before vanishing just as Sasha lands at London Bridge waiting for the dragon to return.

At first, Sasha believes the fight to be a waste of time which is further increased by Bold asking her what the Triumvirate of Evil was described as. However, she sees the figure of Mirage appearing and is attacked by the dragon again and again. As the fight intensifies, Sasha further comes under attack from buildings that have been animated by a spell cast on them by Red causing them to generate eyes in the form of windows; eyes that resemble the eye of Sauron.

79630637 alamydt7hcy

The Eyes that attack Sasha and her allies.

It could be argued that Whisper was the second in command of the group because she was the closest to Sasha and it is also Whisper who takes charge by having the hell foxes destroy the eyes while she attacks Red at the Tower of London which is a failure and she leaves with the words of Red echoing in her ears.

Elsewhere, Sasha and Mirage continue fighting where the dragon gains the upper hand when she bites the hell hound in the throat causing Sasha to scream in pain, but the hell hound fights back blasting the dragon with energy forcing her to retreat. Finally, the hell hound finishes Mirage off by shredding her wings sending her plummeting into the Houses of Parliament.

Mirage's death however sparks Red coming for Sasha and her allies which makes her order the hell foxes to surround him and turns the tables on him by telling him:

But Red does not care and instead turns into his final form; a much more powerful, ferocious and deadly version of his dragon form with yellow eyes instead of purple eyes. His final form is also considerably longer being about sixty feet to ninety feet long.

Sasha's sense of horror dies down as she tells Red that she and her friends may be monsters but together, they are a match for him. She is also a source of inspiration and defiance among the hell foxes with Ranger becoming the first to stand up to the King of Hell followed by Charmer; after Red boasts that the group are fools to challenge him and that he is all powerful.

He further boasts that he will avenge the deaths of his wife and his henchwoman but Bold cuts off by stating "Revenge?!" and Sasha adds by telling Red that she will give him the true meaning of revenge and so spoils for a fight with him.

The King of Hell is still very confident about when Red tells her to give him all she's got, she replies:

"Alright Red, I will!"
The hell hound blasts Red with magical energy but he shakes them all off and instead blasts her with magical energy. And just as he shook of her attacks, Sasha shakes off Red's attacks but the only difference is that the hell hound now protects herself with a force field; the hell hound then gives the order to attack Red and attack Red is what they do. Even Sasha herself joins in, her efforts however are all in vain and instead the King of Hell is still standing with the same nightmarish appearance he had about ten minutes ago.

He now decides to blow the monsters off their feet but Sasha orders the hell foxes to flap their own wings to keep themselves upright. As the wind dies down, Red gives up and seeks for a larger battlefield instead taking off for the skies and the hell hound and her allies follow him.

In the sky, Sasha orders the hell foxes to scatter as she takes care of Red. She attacks him and brings him to the ground ending up in a heap as they both collapse; as they get to their feet, the monsters blast each other with magical energy and this time, Red is the winner as he throws Sasha off her feet and prepares to strangle her; his actions bringing the attention of Whisper whose intervention saves Sasha from certain death.

Whisper kicks Red in the back and it is both a weak kick and a strong one; If she wanted to kick him in the back and send him to the ground, then the hell vixen's kick is pathetic, but if she wanted to kick him to get his attention then the force is excellent and is enough to catch Red's attention and go straight for her. Sasha further watches as a massive fight emerges between the King of Hell and the hell foxes that were once on his side; at the end of the fight, the hell hound learns of a weak spot in Red and in fact his only weak spot: A bare patch on the left side of his chest. Whisper further tells her:

"If you can hit that, then you hit him!"
The King of Hell prepares to attack Sasha one last time where the battle is even more ferocious than ever as more powers and abilities are explored including in the case of Red, the ability to shoot bolts of electricity from his wings and in the case of Sasha, the ability to generate thunderbolts with her tail. She uses a thunderbolt to shoot him down; and boasts:
But it takes more than threats to sway Red and as such he prepares to go for Sasha one last time; under the eyes of the hell foxes Sasha kills Red in the same way Bard the Bowman kills Smaug in The Hobbit: As Red approaches Sasha one last time, she breathes out a thin jet of fire which hits the weak spot that she was told about by Whisper.

What follows next is Red's very dramatic death which is similar to the way Smaug dies in Battle of the Five Armies: He collapses into the City of London, even knocking over the London Eye and somersaults through the city destroying several buildings. He tries to take off again and while successful, he is not quite clear of Tower Bridge and so bangs his leg on it which leaves him lame.

In the air, the King of Hell claws the air and once he is high enough breathes his last and falls back to Earth where he crashes into the River Thames with such force that he creates a tsunami from the Thames water that extinguishes the fires: The Triumvirate of Evil is defeated, the hell hound formula is destroyed and the war of the nether regions is over with Red's death.

What Sasha and her friends do not know is that when she killed the King of Hell, Annabelle comes to Earth and restores it back to normal; whole cities are restored to their former glory and those affected by the hell hound formula regardless of hell fox or hell hound are turned back to normal; London becomes the Queen of Heaven's last destination.

But when she arrives, Annabelle is confused by the group which is not so much to do with Bold because Sasha summoned her when he was turned into a hell fox by Belladonna but it is more to do with Sasha and the other three foxes because since she was forced to retreat by the evil whippet, the other foxes and Sasha are now monsters.


Westminster Abbey.

While assured that she and the hell foxes are the actual group that she sent on the mission, Annabelle is not totally convinced until further examination of the group. And upon further examination of the group, the Queen of Heaven tells the group to head to Westminster Abbey where she has something in store for them.

This surprise is a spell that Annabelle casts on the hell foxes turning them all back to normal foxes, but Sasha herself becomes the subject of another spell where it has a much different effect on her: She remains as a hell hound but the spell takes away all of her abilities except flight and it also reduces her back to normal size, once Sasha has been partially turned back to normal the Queen of Heaven tells the group to go into the Abbey.

Inside the Abbey, Sasha is told especially to approach the alter and as she does, her wings beat lifting her into the air for the last time. When Annabelle however tells her to stop beating them, she refuses in the fear that she will fall; But Annabelle casts another spell on Sasha which actually turns her back into the beautiful Irish Setter she once was and in the process smashes the stained glass windows of the Abbey.

As she touches down, the newly transformed Sasha loses all the strength in her legs although the consequences are not quite as bad as Lady Blue in All Animals are Equal where she falls over after seeing images of Napoleon in hospital and comes dangerously close to cutting herself open on scalpels...instead, the strength in Sasha's legs vanishes causing her to go limp for a short period of time.

Once helped to her feet, she hears the sound of Annabelle's voice telling them to go back to the churchyard. In the churchyard Annabelle tells the group:

""The Triumvirate is dead, and for you Sasha; your time with your friends is over. As the Queen of Heaven and the one who brought these foxes to help you, it is my duty to send them back home."
But Sasha wants some time with the group so they can bid their farewells to which Annabelle complies giving the group ten minutes. Once these ten minutes are up, Sasha watches Annabelle send the foxes home leaving the dogs alone.

With the foxes gone, Sasha now faces two choices: She can either stay in England or she can go back to America, Sasha chooses the latter and as such is returned back to California; or rather on one side of the Golden Gate Bridge. As her last action, Annabelle tells Sasha that San Francisco is on the other side of the bridge; once Annabelle disappears, Sasha walks off into the sunset.

The Anthro Saga

Sasha starts off as one of Charlie's very few followers the first time the A.P.F is founded and like Charlie starts off as a bit of a Ruffian in the words of many members of the Animalian National Socialist Union one of them being her rival Serafina, along with Charlie she spends most of her time in the organization in and out of prison until the A.P.F's dissolution. Sasha later plays a prominent role in founding the second A.P.F with her own boyfriend, the A.P.F's second in command Ramiz and his girlfriend Semiramis.

The second A.P.F turns from a small band of tearaways to one of the most efficient guerrilla forces in Animalia, because she is also Charlie's girlfriend she is the A.P.F's second in command as is Ramiz, under Charlie the A.P.F backs the Fox Junta as does the Animalian military students against the Animalian Junta, the A.P.F's old enemies the Animalian National Socialist Union and their collaborators in Animalia's first coup, in the success of the coup the A.P.F is forced into exile in Kigali before it flees to London and finally is transferred to Argentina.

In Argentina Sasha along with Charlie, Krypto and the former Animalian politician Brainy Barker becomes a source of strength and almost motivation for the Animalian Patriotic Front and their allies singing for them, later on she is involved in torture and humiliation of the A.P.F's prisoners of war also applauding at the death sentence for Siad and ordering his posthumous execution in which his body is almost ripped apart, Sasha also participates in various activities the A.P.F participate in including the second Animalian coup and the liberation and democracy restoration of Animalia. Following the A.P.F's victory in the elections she serves under the new government.