Saud is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after Saudi Arabia's first king Saud of Saudi Arabia


He is an anthropomorphic Newfoundland much like most Asian dogs who are of Western breed for example Panteleimon is a Gordon Setter. In his soldier days he may be Saudi and he does wear traditional Islamic robes but it is said that he dresses like Sheikh Mujibur Rahman whilst in his government time he wears traditional Islam robes, a brown bisht and an Islam head robe. Saud speaks English, Arabic and Bengali.


Saud is arguably just as inspirational as the Palestinian dog Yasser who he is also friends with but he is strongly nationalistic and it is these traits which leads him to be called a Saudi Mujib and leads to the nickname especially among the other Saudi dogs Faisal, Khalid, Abdullah and Fahda "Friend of Arabia", just as Hafez is very defensive of Asma Saud is fiercely defensive of Fahda but also other female allies in general be they in the A.P.F, the N.P.P or the Fox Junta even though he is spiritual at times he can be rather radical at times and is also shown to be much more violent than Ruhollah primarily off the battlefield.

As well as the other Saudi dogs he also treats the other male Asian dogs mainly those from the Middle East like brothers but that doesn't alter the fact he treats other Asian dogs like brothers. Saud may be from Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia may have restrictions on women's rights but he is rather chivalrous, when it comes to the Junta babies mainly Santiago who is more babyish than his sister and slightly prone to tantrums than her though these aren't common Saud is actually good with the babies unlike the Yemeni dog Ali who is startled by Santiago's eyes. The fact he is good with the babies also comes under the fact he appreciates innocence which also leads him to be also good with young Junta children. In his government time Saud does not really have much change.

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