Sefer is a Bosnian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Bosnian faction.


He has navy blue fur whilst his underbelly is dark yellow and he has a white face, his underbelly tinge is also very different to other generals because those who have yellow fur have lighter tinges of yellow to them. In his first appearance he is a normal fox whilst in his return he is regarded as the most formal member of the Junta because whilst most generals wear military clothing he wears a white shirt, black trousers, a black tie, a black jacket and sometimes a navy blue cape.


Sefer is often shown to be very bad tempered but is more forthcoming than Carlos and Alexander and unlike Carlos who has no sympathy for Fructuoso's children but is sympathetic towards his wife Lucia Sefer has a soft spot for Dragutin and his family, he is a respected leader by the Bosnian faction but there will be times when he can get very unsympathetic which he uses to an advantage to Siad. He likes Miroslav in a friendly light but Miroslav doesn't like him and since the day Sabina gave birth to Miroslav her son has never liked her husband's boss.

Unlike Manuel to Santiago when he was born Sefer took a liking to Miroslav when he was a baby, there are also times when Miroslav also sees the general in a negative light and has seen him in a negative light since he was about 10 years old and he had a dream about Sefer, but even though Miroslav and Sefer do not get on the general gets on with Dragutin's wife Sabina, but behind this nature he is conniving, very, very false and extremely mysterious with no regard for enemies but what makes him even more mysterious is his chivalry. Not only has Sefer been viewed in a negative light by Miroslav since the fox was born but also by young Junta children notably Basilio who experiences not only how savage Selvarasa can get when angered but also Sefer's temper. Despite this though he is not bad with young Junta children but is definitely not good with them either choosing to view young Junta children like any normal young child.

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