Sefer is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a former member of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Tornjak and is a lot more formal than Zejnil and most members, if not all the members, of the Yugoslav Alliance. In his soldier and mobster days he wears a black shirt, grey trousers and a white tie with a grey jacket whilst in his government time he has no change. His suit is also pinstriped making others to make out he is a true member of the Bosnian Mafia.


By far Sefer is the most dominant of him and Zejnil and is also one of the most sooth and cunning dogs in the Alliance but like his colleague as well as the rest of the Alliance especially Anto, Josip and Goran he is not hesitant to use force. His breed is also rather symbolic as Tornjaks tend to have smooth fur and he himself is smooth and is described by others as one of the most dangerous mobsters in the criminal underworld.

He is also shown to be equally concerned for Mirko when his tugboat goes out of control but is hopeful that Dolphin will pick him up which it does, he is also not only smooth but very sophisticated and described as the average mobster at times yet like Zlatko he is rather secretive preferring not to take part much in external affairs and also not taking part in the last stages of Operation Hood. By the end of the Alliance he is also proud of what the Alliance has done, and calls the trip on Fireflash as well deserved though Jovanka begs to differ. He remains loyal to his allies to the end.

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