Serafina is the wife of the former Animalian politician Oswald and a senior member of the Animalian National Socialist Union


She is an anthropomorphic English Mastiff like her husband and wears a white blouse, a long black skirt like a gypsy skirt, black tights and black character shoes.


Like her husband Serafina is fiercely nationalistic and at her trial also says "The actions taken by us were motivated only by our patriotism in saving the country from the chaos into which it was being plunged by Hunter who had the nerve to pardon the ones who made us suffer." showing she has no remorse for her crimes. She can be a very threatening and cruel character towards her enemies and whilst Oswald has a rivalry with Charlie Serafina has a rivalry with Sasha and has often engaged in many fights with her.

Serafina can also be a very snobbish and arrogant character believing her husband and the A.U.F is better than the Animalian Patriotic Front but whilst she is aggressive she accepts her arrest. Depsite the fact she is a female Serafina is also a strong misogynist. The only females she likes are the ones involved with her husband's party and the women's wing leader Irma who is also interrned.

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