"Children call me "Superfox" the Armed Forces called me "Destroyer of Infantries" my creator called me "Seslinian the Invincible" and some people call me "Defender of England."

Seslinian after being asked his name by Mallauxula in the first telepathic conversation in The Mammal Wars between the Animals.

Seslinian is a genetically altered Red fox kaiju that features in the spin off to Defenders of Earth, The Mammal Wars. Originally created by scientist Forbflaith Hennessy as a bio weapon, he now protects England from threats such as Kouleton and Jomnune.

He is also one of six characters to start of as a villain in their first appearance and evolve into a hero alongside Flamiglaux (The Siege of Sheephouse Wood), Zebiccoon (Seslinian vs Zebiccoon), Firroth (Stranger of the Past), Tyrath (King of the East) and Kilarth (Kilarth).

Unlike Firroth, his spin off counterpart, Seslinian appears in every story in The Mammal Wars except The Lizard King which features his reptile ally and enemy and The Eye of the Tiger which marks the first appearance of Anafsilea and unusually is one of just two protagonists made by the wiki founder to get theme music alongside Helga Blankenburg and with his secondary rival Blasteovark is one of two characters from The Mammal Wars to get theme music.


In contrast to the other Farthing Wood foxes such as Scarface for instance who is described in vivid detail like this:

"In the novels Scarface is a red fox, but in the TV series he is a blue fox.
He has light blue fur with a darker shade and a light grey underbelly, as well as a black nose, a black stripe over the back of his head and black eyebrows.
He also has a nick in his right ear and a long, jagged scar on the right side of his face. His right eye seems to be blind."
.Seslinian is shown to be described in a traditional fox like manner. He has red fur, a long bushy tail, which is tipped with white fur and the backs of their ears and parts of his legs are colored black. He tends to have a white chest and underside, and white fur on the top lip of their slender muzzle.

His eyes are colored yellow/gold and he has distinctive vertical pupils that are similar to felines rather than rounded pupils like other canines. In his rabid form, his fur becomes shaggy and mangled.


Nothing is known about Seslinian when he was a normal fox before being altered by Forbflaith Hennessy until his alteration where, like Bounder in Bounder and the Time Lord, he shows both no reaction to appearing on Forbflaith's operating table and then fear after being injected with the Rabies virus.

Like Firroth and Kilarth in their first appearances, Seslinian comes across as being a destructive animal when he is shown attacking humanity and transmitting the Rabies virus causing an outbreak and causing the Army to go after him. This personality continues after he fights Kouleton for the first time and it is not until The King of the Fells that Seslinian turns into a heroic character.

Owing to his alteration, the fox is more cunning and sly than ever but unlike other kaiju he displays some form of compassion to humanity at least after fighting Blasteovark for the first time.

Powers and abilities

Any kaiju, dragon or alien made by the wiki founder has some kind of superpowers and Seslinian is no different. Because he was injected with the Rabies virus after being altered, the fox displays immunity to the agonizing effects of the disease and like Kilarth is immune to biological weapons. In some cases, the fox can also alter his size to deal with much more powerful enemies such as Jomnune.

GODZILLA Symphonic Concert, T01 MechaGodzilla's Theme from "Godzilla VS MechaGodzilla II"

GODZILLA Symphonic Concert, T01 MechaGodzilla's Theme from "Godzilla VS MechaGodzilla II"

The music that is used as the basis of "Seslinian the Invincible", his first theme song as a villain.

The fox also has the unique distinction of having both vision as his weapon and using his mouth as a weapon and uses the former to take out the Army. Despite showing no ill effects to biological weapons or Rabies, he does seem vulnerable to Phosgene gas but even then, it's not enough to kill him. This is further emphasized by his first theme titled "Seslinian the Invincible" by the wiki founder.

He also possesses advanced reflexes and intelligence as well as immunity to bullets which are flattened with a force field. Two other abilities of varying appearances are also possessed by Seslinian:

First, he can smooth his fur out to become a normal fox again and secondly, when facing against multiple enemies, Seslinian can self detonate into multiple different copies of himself; when the enemies are dead, the clones merge to come back to normal. This power is only shown in his first appearance however.

In The King of the Fells, Seslinian possesses the ability to teleport which he does by surrounding himself with cerulean light and can use it to teleport himself away from danger. The only limitations to this however is that the ability is limited to the county that he is in. For example: If Seslinian was in Hampshire, he can teleport from Winchester to Southampton but he can't teleport from Southampton to Trowbridge in neighboring Wiltshire.

Another ability shown since The King of the Fells is that if Seslinian grows to the size of his opponent, he can also seemingly mimic the abilities of his enemy. For example, when he fights Blasteovark in The King of the Fells after growing to his opponent's size, their fight becomes a lot more physical and Seslinian is even heard screaming like a mountain lion just as Blasteovark is.


Despite his name of "Seslinian the Invincible", the fox bares some degree of invincibility but it still pertains to the fact that he has some vulnerabilities unlike most of the monsters depicted in Defenders of Earth whose only weakness is each other.

The fox is immune to various human weaponry apart from Phosgene gas which is not powerful enough to kill him but it is enough to force him into a retreat into Sheephouse Wood; it is unknown if nuclear and radio-logical weapons would either harm or empower him as well.

In addition, the fox is immune to human attacks but unlike the monsters in Defenders of Earth, he is vulnerable to having his powers exploited and turned against him which happens to him and Vlaasarak in Return to Buckinghamshire when they are under attack from Jomnune. The monsters in Defenders do not have this ability because only the Mutant reptiles have kaiju like abilities.

The Mammal Wars

Part 1

Seslinian the Invincible:

Sheephouse Wood 6

Sheephouse Wood, Seslinian's home.

Seslinian is first seen as a normal fox living in Sheephouse Wood and is the target of capture by criminal Eleanor Bywater who uses the same method as Jenna Lillywhite uses to capture Bounder and then Ranger in Bounder and the Time Lord and Battle of the Foxes respectively (setting a fox trap and waiting until he enters it). Once the fox is caught, the fox is taken to Forbflaith's new laboratory.

In the laboratory, Forbflaith dismisses Eleanor after taking Seslinian off her then sets him out on an operating table where this time, the scientist is alone in changing him thanks to very little people wanting anything to do with her except for the Women of the Night that is.

Shutterstock 201433343-e1410091725478

The Rabies virus which Seslinian is injected with.

Once Seslinian is altered, Forbflaith delivers the final blow by injecting him with the Rabies virus which turns him into a killing machine. With this injection, she sends the fox out to kill all those who ever condemned her.

But Forbflaith has not learned from her mistakes and as a result, Seslinian does not kill the people who condemned her; instead, he goes off to do his own thing starting in Sheephouse Wood where he finds a fox hunting party, tricks the hunting dogs before heading off to bite the horse of one hunter.

The horse inadvertently collapses, throwing its rider off and dies of Rabies while the hunter confronts the fox and asks him:

"What are you?! A fox that became a spotted hyena?!"

Seslinian however does not care and leaps at the hunter, bites him in the neck and he also dies of rabies. The deaths of the hunter are also heard by other fox hunters who come to investigate and see the fox by the corpses of the hunter and his horse; the hunters however cannot do anything because the fox takes a look at them then explodes.

But the fox is not dead and actually has made five copies of himself which are of normal size but still carry the rabies virus; these clones attack the hunters and they die of Rabies. The clones merge together and become Seslinian again and when they do, the fox takes one look at Charndon, reverts to his normal state and heads off to the hamlet.

In the hamlet, Seslinian turns from very tame to a ferocious animal and begins his killing spree, starting with a local primary school and kills all but one child who watches Seslinian lay siege to Charndon and as the attacks grow, more and more people die from Rabies and Seslinian's newly acquired abilities from the alteration.

Public Information Film - Rabies Advice

Public Information Film - Rabies Advice

The P.I.F that Seslinian is the subject of.

It is also thanks to these attacks and deaths that Seslinian becomes notorious in a Public Information Film that is transmitted around England and attracts the attention of the Army. The same child also watches Seslinian fight the Army, but it is the latter who are victorious and as a result, the fox returns to Sheephouse Wood.

The Army try to kill Seslinian by means of biological weapons, even if it means the destruction of wildlife but the commanding officer states that they end up as destroyers anyway because they either use biological weapons to destroy wildlife or they do not use the weapons and let Seslinian destroy the rest of Charndon.

An Army soldier reluctantly releases the gas with the hope to kill Seslinian and it seems to work; but the Army are interrupted by Forbflaith Hennessy who kills a soldier by throwing his gas mask off and exposing him to the poisonous gas.

Coming back to the gas, Seslinian unleashes another power: A soldier blacks out in the gas at which point he sees a nightmarish fox face and the sound of Seslinian apparently laughing at him. When the soldier pulls round, he watches in fear alongside the rest of the Army as the gas does not kill the fox; instead, Seslinian absorbs the gas and grows to the size of a wolf.

The fox gets his own back and destroys an Armored Personal Carrier full of army soldiers and effectively most of the Army's stockpiles of biological weapons. Very few soldiers are now left with an even smaller pile of chemical weapons, one of which is Phosgene gas.

As his creator is arrested by the Army, Seslinian prepares to get revenge but the Army react first and attack him with Phosgene gas which forces the fox to retreat into Sheephouse Wood and possibly even kills him. However, the gas only forces the fox to retreat into the wood and stay there.

Days later, Charndon feels Seslinian's wrath: His creator is in military custody and is also receiving medical treatment for the possible effects of the bio weapon that was used to attack the fox, the Army is trying to rebuild Charndon and his Rabies victims are in one of two places: Hospital or in cemeteries having died either in the streets or in hospital. Finally, Sheephouse Wood is placed under quarantine alongside many other people attacked by the fox.

The Army is convinced that Seslinian has been destroyed but little do they know that he survived the previous gas attack and he survived the Phosgene gas attack; further details of Seslinian's fate at the end of the story is as follows:

"Little did they [The Army in Buckinghamshire] know however, that the fox had survived the Phosgene attack and would be back; and when he would come back, it would be the beginning of The Mammal Wars. But would the fox attack England or defend it? Either way, the West now had one of its own kaiju: Seslinian, also known by various other names:

Children knew him as "Superfox", the Army knew him as "Destroyer of Infantries", but the general public and his own creator recognized Seslinian as his birth name...Seslinian the Invincible. Whether he would get another title...would be another story."

Wolves Attack:

'The Chase' Theme Music by Paul Farrer

'The Chase' Theme Music by Paul Farrer

The theme tune of The Chase or as it is known in the future "The Hunt."

It is a month after the events of Seslinian the Invincible and the effects of his rampage on the hamlet of Charndon are beginning to subside. For instance, the deaths caused by Rabies transmitted by the fox are decreasing and England is also being returned to the days when Rabies was rare in England. Despite this however, the Army refuse to enter Sheephouse Wood to destroy the fox because of fears they will get the virus.

However, the question still stands from Seslinian the Invincible that if he would get another title which is to be determined when the fox awakens in Sheephouse Wood. His creation is also described as being a starting factor of the titular "Mammal Wars" that England will eventually experience.

Although it is not Seslinian himself, his type of animal features in a University Challenge sketch as part of a picture round starter alongside the animals of his future enemies Kouleton and Flamiglaux, all the questions of which are answered by Manchester Metropolitan University. It is also possible that Seslinian was also part of a sketch of The Chase or as it is described "The Hunt".

After the programs have finished, Kouleton enters the United Kingdom and into Buckinghamshire where the wolf comes under attack from Seslinian in disguise as another wolf. The two dogs fight through the county until finally, Kouleton forces Seslinian to come to him before attacking him one last time and retreats to fight another day.

Once Kouleton has fled, Seslinian becomes to succumb to the effects of Kouleton's attack and wanders around as if drunk before finally collapsing dead with his breath ceasing. But before a child can touch him, Seslinian's body bursts into flame and vanishes causing everyone in England to think that the fox is dead.

The King of the Fells:

Amblside stay

Seslinian's destination at the start of the story: Ambleside.

Seslinian's "death" leaves a divisive legacy in England and especially in Buckinghamshire. Children mourn the death of their "Superfox" as do a number of adults while a larger majority are relieved that the fox will not terrorize them again and they are relieved of the monster wars plaguing the world, particularly in the East.

But the fox is still alive and in fact Kouleton has not killed Seslinian and instead has sent him up to the North of England to the village of Grasmere in the town of Ambleside in Cumbria.

The fox then shrinks back down to his normal size and enters Grasmere to explore it but inside the village suffers from hunger and begins a raid on Grasmere on becoming invisible. His food involves berries, gingerbread and eventually as he gets bolder, regular fox prey such as insects and rodents; the next day Seslinian becomes satisfied but ends up several counties away from home.

In today's world, foxes have successfully colonized urban areas and Seslinian is forced to turn from a forest fox to an urban fox and ends up making his home in an unknown location in Grasmere, presumably in a dark alley or a street. The fox goes to sleep only to be waken up by a bird call which follows with calls of "The Beast" entering the village, a shadowy figure then enters the village once the bird has flied away.

That night, Grasmere comes under siege from "The Beast" and despite his previous fearless nature when faced with the Army and Kouleton, the Beast's attack proves too much for Seslinian and eventually the fox fears for his life thanks to the screams of humans, the roars of The Beast and the shots of guns owing to hunters trying to kill the beast to little avail.

Eventually as the Beast subsides its attacks, Seslinian thinks the beast is coming for him and so runs away from Grasmere to a nearby forest where he surrounds himself with cerulean light and teleports away from the village...just as the Beast finishes its raid and destroys Grasmere.

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England and the starting point of Seslinian's exploration of the Lake District.

In spite of beliefs that Seslinian has left the county, he has actually retreated to the civil parish of Wasdale. There in the distance is the highest mountain in England: Scafell Pike. With no one in sight, Seslinian returns to his normal coyote style that he was originally in Seslinian the Invincible and Wolves Attack and begins his ascent up Scafell Pike where he also begins to explore the Lake District's fells which are described as being more like dormant volcanoes.

Tarn Crag

Tarn Crag, the second siting of "The Eagle".

During his exploration of the Lake District, Seslinian's exploration ends on Tarn Crag where he sees "The Eagle" which is an indicator that The Beast won't be far behind and as such, Seslinian stops to see the Beast in its glory.

At first, Seslinian is disappointed when the Eagle gives a call that the Beast is near yet does not turn up causing him to consider going back down Tarn Crag...that is, until he hears the same erratic roar that he heard in Grasmere, only this time the roar does not include the bear roar and instead is described as being like the roar of either a lion or a tiger.

More growls are heard and despite fleeing before from Grasmere when the Beast laid siege to it, the fox stands his ground and when the growling intensifies, Seslinian growls back. Once the growls get louder and another mighty roar is heard however, Seslinian backs off and lo and behold, who does he see? The same beast that attacked Grasmere and that the PIFs mentioned earlier in the story warn the Grasmere public about: Blasteovark:

"On the rocks of the crag like the King of the Castle, there he was: Blasteovark and it was finally here where his form was revealed...not lion, not bear, not even cougar. In fact, if the lion was the King of the Jungle and the King of the Mountains was a thorny crown then the title of the King of the Fells went straight to the Beast.

  Here was the Beast that terrorized Grasmere, the Beast that could have framed lions, innocent tigers, bears, leopards and jaguars in the United Kingdom; here was Blasteovark, a male Bengal Tiger: Six and a half meters from nose to tail, bigger than a lion and weighing more than 440kg!"

When Blasteovark spots Seslinian, the tiger reacts with hostility and blasts Seslinian with a beam attack from his mouth. The result is knocking the fox to the ground but the fox gets up again and blasts Blasteovark with another energy beam attack; the tiger retaliates and causes an energy beam lock.

Both animals fight their corners with huge ferocity but the power of Blasteovark is too much for Seslinian and the fox is thrown away. Blasteovark demonstrates another power to attack Seslinian: Using the rocks on the crag but the fox recovers too quickly for the attack to take place and creates a force field to shield himself.

Seslinian attacks Blasteovark again with his eye beams but the attack has no effect and the fox finds himself attacked again. But he recovers just in time to see Blasteovark descend down the crag to a farmhouse which also marks the first time that Seslinian becomes a Defender of England. Here, the fox blasts the tiger with beam attacks over and over again before trying both at the same time which causes damage to Blasteovark and forces him to retreat.

The fox then takes things to the next level by growing to the same size and power as his enemy. As Blasteovark regains consciousness, he attacks Seslinian again and this time, the fox teleports both of them away from Tarn Crag or the bottom of Tarn Crag.

The next fight destination is Cark Airfield in Flookburgh where this time, the fight between Seslinian and Blasteovark does not involve their abilities and instead becomes more physical where this time, the pair start screaming like mountain lions as they wrestle with each other. During the fight, Blasteovark tries to kill Seslinian by repeatedly scratching at his back but the fox's healing factor is too quick for the scratches to do him any harm.

After the battle of Flookburgh, Seslinian and Blasteovark take their fight to the next level when they fight all over the fells of the Lake District and it is also here where Seslinian really gets the hang of fighting Blasteovark, even throwing the tiger into a campsite at Coniston. The fight eventually carries to Tranearth where it is where Blasteovark finally meets his match.

In Tranearth, Seslinian chases Blasteovark to the Tranearth climbing hut where the tiger mauls a boy scout to death before being beaten by the scout leader with a fire poker and as a result, Seslinian mauls that leader to death before attacking Blasteovark. The tiger meets his match in a secluded area of Tranearth after the fox overthrows him as the King of the Fells by throwing him into a tarn.

The tiger leaves humiliated but alive while Seslinian shrinks down to his fox size and vanishes from the Lake District back home to Buckinghamshire. What makes this teleportation different is that the light that surrounds Seslinian now is sapphire.

Return to Buckinghamshire:


Buckinghamshire, Seslinian's home county.

Just like with The King of the Fells, Seslinian is mentioned in a prologue of Return to Buckinghamshire where this time, after defeating Blasteovark he returns home to Sheephouse Wood. But when he does, the county is practically deserted because of the news forcing everyone in Buckinghamshire indoors and ordering them to stay there after sightings of another big cat and a dog like animal heading for Buckinghamshire.

In spite of this however, the fox does not care and instead returns home to Sheephouse Wood. Full details are in the prologue:

"In the 51st Century, Earth may have been at peace with regards to human conflicts just as it had been since the 39th Century, in the year 4030 to be precise; but the Earth had not quite reached Utopia just yet. In fact, Utopia was years away; human wars were over but monster wars were being fought once again, especially in the East and the first of The Mammal Wars were fought in the United Kingdom with the fights between Seslinian and the Army, Seslinian and Kouleton and recently Seslinian and Blasteovark.

It was also Seslinian's battle with Blasteovark that saw the red fox leave Cumbria and come back home to England; but we'll get back to him later. Anyway, like I was saying, Utopia was years away, even if human wars were over. Wars may have been over, but humanity had just one problem left: Crime.

Yes, crime. In fact, just one crime left the world just one step away from achieving Utopia: Organised crime and theft. Why? Crime had just about been destroyed with the much more heavier and effective sentences against more serious crimes but less serious offenses were either left unpunished or their members were never caught.

By the 51st Century, the influence of the Eastern Vixens fighting PHANTOM had carried to the West where those influenced by the Eastern Vixens now called themselves Western Vixens; these Western Vixens may not have joined the fight against PHANTOM because the West wanted to remain neutral in the Reptile Wars of the East but they still were as bold as their Eastern counterparts.

The Western Vixens or Vixens of the West were based in most of Europe including the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and of course, the United Kingdom; in fact, by the 51st Century, the Vixen criminal organization was one of the most powerful organizations in the world, to the point where anyone called a "Vixen" was synonymous with crime. Their influence had also started many student gangs, one of which our story begins with.

But first, our story continues on from Seslinian's departure from the Lake District and his return to Buckinghamshire. He had come back to Buckinghamshire at a time when another news report warned people of Buckinghamshire of wild animals wandering the streets, this time the animals were a cat and a dog looking thing and during the night locals were warned this time to stay indoors for good. Even if the animals were several counties away."

When he returns to Buckinghamshire, Seslinian is delighted and heads straight back to Sheephouse Wood highlighting his apathy for humanity which he would eventually protect after confronting his arch enemy for the first time. But his delight becomes fear when he hears the sound of roaring followed by a cackle causing the fox to retreat into Sheephouse Wood and stay there.

That is, until the sound of whooping that seemingly came from the sound of the cackle distracts him and gets louder which takes him out of Sheephouse Wood and onto a journey to High Wycombe, the location of "Britain's Angels". In High Wycombe, Seslinian's presence brings much delight to the children of Buckinghamshire who also take his barks as an all clear sound.

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) (W1CDR0001529 BD12)

A representation of the barks that draw the people of Buckinghamshire out of their homes and the barks that they also take as an all clear sound.

His barks also result in children, and adults alike, discarding the "stay at home" warning broadcast by the government leaving their homes and coming into the streets to see "Superfox"; it also results in Britain's Angels leaving the University where they see not only the fox but also the source of the whooping which Felicity names "Jomnune" because of the noise his whoops sound like.

As Seslinian confronts the source of the whooping, it attacks him with a hologram of his previous enemy in the form of Blasteovark but the fox quickly destroys it forcing his opponent to change tactics and turn Seslinian's powers against him which it does. It then prepares another hologram attack but Seslinian is far too quick and destroys the hologram which in turn reveals the source of the whooping to the public: Jomnune, his soon to be arch enemy and the animal who had terrorized Buckinghamshire.

The instant Jomnune is revealed to the public, Seslinian is blasted by a mouth attack from Jomnune who then attacks him with eye beams in the hope of crippling him but Seslinian is too quick and recovers where he hisses at the Hyena. The Hyena hisses back and approaches Seslinian, both animals of whom assert their corners.

But this time, Seslinian is not alone because with him against the Hyena is the big cat that was seen prowling around Buckinghamshire: Vlaasarak who is also named by Felicity Barbrige. It is also here where Seslinian and Vlaasarak come to show their true heroic character when they try to prevent Jomnune from attacking the spectators and withdraw to Sheephouse Wood.

The Magic Serpent Dragon V

The Magic Serpent Dragon V.S Frog & Spider

A visual representation of the fight between Seslinian and Jomnune. This fight would also be used for the fights of him and Kaulos in the following story, the final fight between Bastamander and Zautsuar in The Lizard King and Venia and Nelarth in Warlords.

In the wood, the fight continues and ultimately ends with Vlaasarak forced into a retreat as Seslinian and Jomnune fight a battle to the death which Jomnune manages to win and prepares to drown Seslinian in a lake, all the while giving out a far more evil laugh than he did before when he was in Buckinghamshire.

Return to Buckinghamshire does not only mark the first time that Seslinian becomes a hero but it also depicts the first time that Vlaasarak is truly an ally of Seslinian when he comes to the fox's aid and like Blasteovark smothers Jomnune with smoke causing the Hyena to flail around as if he is suffocating.

Seslinian finishes the job by blasting a powerless Jomnune with his mouth beams causing the Hyena to vanish in a puff of smoke. Lion and Fox show their true alliance when they face each other and give out friendly signs with the former leaving England and the latter returning to his normal statistics and going back into his home.

Outback Vixen:


Keeceleon arrives.

Having driven Jomnune away from England, Seslinian is first seen sleeping during the night in Sheephouse Wood and is seen undisturbed. At first, there is the sound of a terrible screech but he thinks nothing of it; then after the screech comes a huge roar and it is this roar that disturbs Seslinian because the source of it resembles the figure of Blasteovark but much larger.Having driven Jomnune away from England, Seslinian is first seen sleeping during the night in Sheephouse Wood and is seen undisturbed. At first, there is the sound of a terrible screech but he thinks nothing of it; then after the screech comes a huge roar and it is this roar that disturbs Seslinian because the source of it resembles the figure of Blasteovark but much larger.

This becomes especially evident when the fox goes to investigate as it does indeed have the outline of his old enemy. This, coupled with the screeching, also hints that Seslinian may have met his match. But Seslinian regains the mental strength that he had when he faced the Army (Seslinian the Invincible), Kouleton (Wolves Attack), Blasteovark (The King of the Fells) and when he came to England for the first time, Jomnune (Return to Buckinghamshire).

In the previous story, Felicity Barbrige named first the fox's enemy and ally and she does it again when she names the tiger that came to England "Kaulos" and also identifies him as a Siberian Tiger. Fox and Tiger also show a much more friendly interaction than the last encounter that Seslinian had with a Tiger, even going so far as to approach Kaulos in confidence. This confidence however disappears when the shadow of Jomnune returns and the Tiger stands his ground while the fox retreats.

The following morning, Seslinian heads about his daily business in Sheephouse Wood which is interrupted by the sound of rhythmic barking which he translates in his mind as "Mall-au-xula" so he heads off to investigate and comes across a Vixen who has just killed a rat. At first, the Vixen watches him in fear but in the first telepathic conversation in the series, Seslinian tells her he means no harm.

Overtime, fox and vixen begin to spend far more time together to the point that the originally solitary and lone fox ends up sleeping with Mallauxula in her den...but in the shadows, the pair are being watched by Jomnune who gives out a very small giggle that not even anyone with the best hearing in the world can hear and slinks away into the shadows.

During the day, the foxes hunt together which results in the previously solitary Seslinian spending far more time with Mallauxula and it is during this period when Seslinian learns that Mallauxula is also an animal like him and the other animals in the series (i.e. have superpowers). Yet, their second night together changes all that...That night, the foxes hear the screech of Keeceleon and the giggle of Jomnune.

As the pair approach, Jomnune attacks first and captures Mallauxula, also cancelling out her powers and forcing her into a holographic prison while Keeceleon forces Seslinian to watch Jomnune torture his mate. The torture ends however, with the presence of Kaulos with whom Seslinian behaves in a friendly way between and prepares to ally himself with the Tiger to get his mate back.

While Kaulos fights the more powerful Jomnune (Seslinian is refusing to fight the Hyena because of fears that his powers will be cancelled and the Hyena will kill him), the fox goes to attack Keeceleon and after the Devil continuously attacks Seslinian, the Tiger comes to his aid and attacks Keeceleon.

This results in Kaulos turning his attention to the Devil and with Mallauxula's powers restored, the foxes prepare to furiously attack Jomnune up and till Kaulos forces Keeceleon into a retreat. The Devil's retreat in turn sparks a violent reaction from Jomune who prepares to finish what he could have started when he returned to England; He prepares to kill Kaulos.

In previous stories (and later ones at that), Seslinian is depicted as attacking (only in Seslinian the Invincible) or defending England but the final fight between Kaulos and Jomnune forces the foxes to retreat and they can only watch as Tiger takes on Hyena in exactly the same fight that he once fought with Jomnune. Only this time, there is a difference because instead of cat helping dog, it is dog that helps cat.

Or rather, dogs that help cat thanks to Jomnune's continued attempts to drown Kaulos in a pond, again like he tried to do with Seslinian the first time they fought. It is dogs because as well as Seslinian, Mallauxula helps to attack Jomnune so Kaulos can use his fire breath to banish Jomnune from England once more.

Having banished Jomnune from England again, the foxes and the tiger show friendly gestures and after the tiger leaves, both foxes head back to a new den thanks to the fight made by Kaulos and Jomnune.

The Siege of Sheephouse Wood:

It is a month since Seslinian and Mallauxula have become mates and they are a lot happier now that they have spent that amount of time together with neither Jomnune nor his allies coming back to kill them and it is here where the telepathic conversations that are first seen in Outback Vixen and finish in Call of the Cats for The Mammal Wars and start at Invaders and Wives and continue all the way through to the end in the case of Defenders of Earth.

A lot has also changed in the case for the fox; he has gained a mate (Mallauxula) and thus far two allies (Vlaasarak and Kaulos) and a larger amount of territory that he previously had when he was a lone fox and was living since Return to Buckinghamshire at least when he came back to the county. But as well as a mate and allies, Seslinian has also gained a large number of enemies.

In a telepathic conversation, Mallauxula thanks Seslinian for saving her from Jomnune and while the fox is appreciative of her thanks he also tells her:

"It's the story of my life since I was altered."
When Mallauxula asks what he means when he says "I was altered", the fox replies with:

"Sheephouse Wood is my home and it always was before a scientist came along. She's now in captivity of the Army; since then, I've fought a wolf, a tiger, the Hyena who captured you and that Devil that came with him."

As England comes under attack from a phantom animal for the third time (the first being in 1985 when a phantom cat laid siege to a nature reserve, first by hunting outside the reserve and then entering the reserve causing the inhabitants to fear for their lives and the second being the events of The King of the Fells when Blasteovark terrorizes Ambleside and Grasmere.), Seslinian and Mallauxula are celebrating that it is nearly a month since they mated and no more hostile animals have come to England.

That is, until the pair notice other animals acting uneasy and Mallauxula discovers shadowy animals such as deer and rabbits entering Sheephouse Wood. At first, Mallauxula believes the source of the animals fleeing into the wood to be Jomnune who has come back for the third time to attack Seslinian.

But Seslinian tells her that it is not Jomnune who is coming back and instead tells her to listen and watch as the figure is actually a coyote who Seslinian names as "Flamiglaux". In another telepathic dialogue, Mallauxula and Seslinian wonder as to why a coyote, a canine native to the Americas, is doing in England while Seslinian even questions why a dog has come to England instead of a cat since cats have quicker reflexes and are more stealthy:

"Your guess is as good as mine, Mallauxula. If England is coming under attack from a phantom animal for the third time, I would have expected a cat to come here like one that laid siege to another nature reserve or the tiger I had fought. If anyone wants to attack England, it simply beggars belief why a dog would come instead of a cat."
Granted, Seslinian's territory has been expanded from the territory that he used to live in when he was a lone fox and even before he was altered by Forbflaith to the territory he now shares with Mallauxula, but this time thanks to the coyote, the foxes have no choice but to stay on the outskirts of Sheephouse Wood out of fears that the coyote is right outside the forest.

But the fear of Flamiglaux is too great and it also presents a Morton's Fork situation for the foxes: If they fall asleep, they risk missing the coyote who may enter Sheephouse Wood, kill them, then kill all the animals in the wood but if they stay awake, they risk tiredness and they will be too sluggish to attack the coyote in case he does come for them. Eventually, the coyote enters right into Sheephouse Wood but it does not attack straight away.

Instead, Flamiglaux pauses and eyes Seslinian in a way that looks as if the pair have met each other before; it is also the presence of Flamiglaux that gives Seslinian a feeling of deja vu:

"Even though the foxes kept an eye on the coyote, it vanished once again; only this time, it didn't leave Sheephouse Wood like Jomnune was forced to do when under attack from both Seslinian and Vlaasarak and later was assaulted on all sides from Seslinian, Mallauxula and Kaulos when he came back for revenge.
Instead, the coyote was right inside Sheephouse Wood and stayed there; for Seslinian, "Flamiglaux" was a feeling of deja vu because it took him back to when Vlaasarak came to England for the first time and helped him fight Jomnune; why was this the case? Because both coyote and lion had ambiguous alliances, but the only difference was that Vlaasarak eventually helped Seslinian while "Flamiglaux" seemed to be another associate of Jomnune or was one of those PHANTOM animals.

  By PHANTOM animals, one does not mean the cats that previously attacked animals with the phantom leopard or jaguar that came in 1985 to lay siege to the nature reserve that Seslinian mentioned or the beast of Ambleside and its surrounding areas including Coniston, Grasmere, Derwent, Windermere, Rydal or Thirlmere in the 51st Century that the fox had fought.

By PHANTOM animals, one means the animals that the Vixens felt that could have been sent to England by the organization to kill Seslinian so that the country would be vulnerable to attack from them in its bid for world domination."
But the foxes see footprints and so follow them to a deer fawn that has been severely mutilated by Flamiglaux:
"There was Flamiglaux standing over the corpse of a deer fawn; blood stained his mouth, teeth and gums and despite coyotes hunting by lacerating their prey's throat, the deer fawn was covered from head to tail in scratches.

  The scratches were awful enough to frame even Jomnune or another hyena, indicating that Flamiglaux may have had a questionable relationship with Seslinian but had an even more heated animosity with Jomnune and other hyenas; Flamiglaux's damage to the fawn's throat was also so severe that the coyote could have torn its throat out if he wanted to."

Over time, Flamiglaux leaves few remains as evidence but leaves more and more tracks in his wake allowing Seslinian and Mallauxula to confront him and despite beliefs he was sent by PHANTOM, Flamiglaux reveals that none of Seslinian's enemies were sent by the organization and he even lambasts the organization calling them "filthy terrorists."

As Flamiglaux goes on a rampage, the foxes try to stop it and are almost successful with Seslinian declaring to the coyote when asked who he is to stand up against him:

"I am Seslinian the Invincible! Defender of England to many people and Superfox to children; victor of a fight with tiger and hyena and will soon be victor to a fight with a coyote!"
Flamiglaux simply laughs and lets out a howl that sounds like he is signalling others to attack but the foxes fight back and blast him until they can do it no more by which point the coyote tells the pair:
"I may not have been sent by those puny terrorists! But you've made a big mistake Seslinian; once you've fought your first flying opponent, an old one shall return. Then once you've fought old and new enemies, you'll have ALL of them to fight and those terrorists with them.

  Then once you've driven them off, the mammal wars really will begin! The war of nerves will be fought once you drive those terrorists away!"

He then leaves the forest in disgust leaving the foxes without the desire for celebration because it is felt that Seslinian's next opponent will no doubt mean that the fox will meet his match.

Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon:

Since Flamiglaux left England after delivering the previous quote to the foxes, Seslinian and Mallauxula are oblivious to much of the world around them and the events that have happened, from the capture of the former's creator by PHANTOM and imprisonment in Siberia, to the presence of a giant bat in England that has previously devastated London and is making its way seemingly to England.

They are oblivious to these events because the pair are trying to find out what Flamiglaux means by "those puny terrorists" and "the mammal wars beginning once those terrorists are driven away." though Seslinian has a feeling that by "terrorists", Flamiglaux was talking about PHANTOM and is even more confused as to why the mammal wars will really begin once the terrorists are driven away, saying the following quote:

"Search me Mallauxula. But what beggars belief for me is what he means by "The Mammal Wars will really begin". Well, as far as I'm concerned, the Mammal Wars started when his Arctic cousin entered the United Kingdom. Since then, I've been the only combatant in these so-called wars until now."
However, despite his tone being described as being "so icy it would put Mr. Freeze to shame", he shows a more compassionate side when he replies to Mallauxula when she asks what he means by "those Eastern terrorists trying to exploit the Reptile Wars". Only, this time she takes no notice of him as she is more focused on the sky, and for good reason: Zebiccoon has arrived.

In spite of his apathy towards humanity, Seslinian has been defending England since Kouleton arrived and he is not going to let Zebiccoon stop him from defending England now. Especially now that he has a mate to fight alongside him in the form of Mallauxula who is also said to have a little compassion for humanity, but is not about to let that stand in her way.

As Zebiccoon enters Buckinghamshire, the two foxes confront him and it is here where the foxes are blasted with one of the bat's mouth attacks but the foxes blast him with a combination of eye and mouth beams causing Zebiccoon to retreat and the foxes to pursue him likely to somewhere where they can have a greater arena to fight.

The bat eventually lands in Buckinghamshire where he confronts and attacks Seslinian and his mate but the pair retaliate and the bat is forced to flee elsewhere all the while pursued by the foxes. He leads the foxes to Farthings Wood (not to be confused with Farthing Wood, the origin of the animals in The Animals of Farthing Wood).

While Mallauxula tells the bat that he can run, but can't hide Zebiccoon comes out of hiding even if he has no intentions of hiding where the foxes confront him. Seslinian then asks him what is next, now that he has what he wants to which Zebiccoon gets his first dialogue as he simply tells the fox:

"This" being another mouth beam coming out of the bat's mouth which shocks Seslinian and leaves him in excruciating pain. What makes this weapon different from Zebiccoon's other mouth beam is that he is actually controlling it, so when Mallauxula blasts the bat with her own attack, her mate's pain ends. Zebiccoon then performs a dive bomb attack on the foxes but the foxes blast him again causing him to pull out.

Zebiccoon lands in front of the foxes and tells the foxes:

"Impressive. It seems that you live up to your name, Seslinian. And you, Vixen, are just as protective of him, as he is protective of you. But let's see how you fare against a new form..."
With this, Zebiccoon grows larger to the size of Man-Bat depicted in Batman: The Animated Series and flaps his wings in a (successful) effort to blow the foxes over and fly away for another dive bomb. This time however proves to be fatal:

Seslinian brings Mallauxula to a pond in Farthings Wood and tells her that it is coming close to sunrise and if his hunch is correct, then the sun will either kill Zebiccoon or seriously wound him. As he dives underwater, he tells Mallauxula to blast the bat as much as possible.

Zebiccoon comes down one last time, all the while being barraged by Mallauxula. Then just as he tries to pull out again, Seslinian grabs the bat's leg causing the bat to flail around and try to attack the fox; in spite of the massive size difference between bat and fox, Seslinian proves to be stronger to the point where it is said that the fox almost tears the bat's leg off.

The sun rises and as Seslinian predicted, Zebiccoon cries out in pain all the while struggling to make the fox let go of his leg. Eventually, the fox does so, swims to shore and watches the bat flail around in pain and declares:

"Enough! Enough! I refuse to go on."
A victorious Seslinian tells the defeated Zebiccoon that he underestimated him and orders him to leave the United Kingdom to which a thoroughly exhausted bat replies:
"Very...well...but there will...come a time Seslinian where we...will meet..again..."
With this, Zebiccoon flies off and the foxes watch as he flies away, not so much with fear, but more with pleasure almost as if they know that he is going to be on their side in the future (which he ultimately is).

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