Shanmugalingam is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia. Alongside Shanmugam he is the right hand man of Velupillai though he and Shanmugam don't play as big a role as their leader.


He is an anthropomorphic Anatolian Shepherd Dog and of the three main L.O.A leaders is shown to be so close to Velupillai that he is considered his right hand man alongside Shanmugam, he wears the same uniform as other L.O.A members which at first starts off to be a light green multi-terrain patterned shirt and military trousers but later changes to the Tamil Tiger Tigerstripe uniform which is later worn by all L.O.A members who are male and also female but in dark blue. Sometimes he also wears dark sunglasses alongside a few other soldiers in the L.O.A.


Shanmugalingam is shown to be very close to his boss Velupillai and a lot more shady than Shanmugam and slightly more compassionate making him get a stretcher after Vinayagomoorthy is winched out of a burning pit even if he does have a reputation to affect most of his allies emotionally particularly shown when Gopalaswamy is winched out of the same pit, after he tells Velupillai that Gopalaswamy is still alive this ultimately hits Chandrika emotionally and horrifies her. Like Velupillai he is however faithful that the two former terrorists will survive which they do, this also goes for other wounded resistance fighters who end up in hospital after the civil war.

Velupillai is also shown to not be the only one who is very secretive as his right hand man is also secretive with Shanmugalingam forbidding hospital visits from anyone but the L.O.A's own allies which later becomes a "state visit" for the vixens of the Fox Junta, even though he allows visits to wounded resistance fighters these visits are limited to about 15 minutes, because the L.O.A take over a military hospital he also allows hospital visits from Animalia's army but only from those that did not serve under the Junta. Though Carmen is around 13 years old or so the Tamil dog is shown to be mysteriously chivalrous to her calling her Miss but he is weary of her when they first meet even if he tolerates her more than Thillaiyampalam does.

Though Carmen is nearly a teenager Shanmugalingam is respectable to female allies regardless of alliance and nationality and though he allows Junta vixens to visit resistance fighters he does not let in young-young children into the hospital for two reasons: the first reason being that some of the injuries are very, very horrible and the second reason being that many of the L.O.A fighters do not tolerate young children. The only exception to this is Carmen in the dream world who technically sneaks in to visit the wounded L.O.A fighters at the time. Despite this though like many others he is fiercely disciplined and motivated to war however and remains proud of his accomplishments to the end.

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