Shanmugam is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


He is an anthropomorphic Ariege Pointer who serves alongside Shanmugalingam as one of Velupillai's right hand men and also sometimes as his pilot. Unlike his colleague he is shown to be a lot more public as he wears Tamil Tiger style uniform but in grey but unlike Shanmugalingam he does not wear shades.


Shanmugam calls the military hospitals used by the L.O.A much better than most military hospitals particularly those used on the battlefield such as those used during the 17-18th century as well as military hospitals of World War I, he also has faith in the nurses at the L.O.A's hospital and with good reason because the L.O.A and effectively the nurses in the resistance are a lot better than most nurses in old military hospitals and hospitals in general even if some of the injuries shown are the most vile and horrific injuries Ever, those resistance fighters who are injured are Vinayagomoorthy, Gopalaswamy, Perinpanayagam, Selvarathnam and Ramalingam in the L.O.A, Ghausuddin, Harsallah and Hashmat in the Mujahideen and Hidayatullah and Asadullah in the A.R.A.

When he meets the Junta vixens visit to the L.O.A's hospital and also the hospitals used by the Animalian Resistance Army and the Mujahideen he sees their visit as being a state visit, Silvia also says that the resistance also treat their patients a lot better because they are actually allowed to visit patients in hospital. Many also say of Shanmugam that he is absolutely dedicated to war. With the rise of old resistance groups that are a lot less organized and equipped than the actual resistance Shanmugam immediately becomes tired of competition and alongside other members he becomes impatient and restless enough to mutiny. After hearing of a mutiny many resistance members actually pressure Ayub in cutting aid off to these groups.

He also has as much regard for enemies as other allies and enemies do, very little. The French vixen Marie says of Shanmugam "Just by looking at him you can tell this is a dog who si found more on the battlefield than at a truce. He's extremely serious minded and though his leaders are dedicated to war and expect their forces to show the same dedication he is one them."

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