Shaymardan is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Wetterhoun even though he is Turkmen and his breed is actually Dutch. In his soldier time he may be Turkmen but he dresses like he is Bangladeshi as he wears Bengal type clothing whilst in his government time he wears a white shirt, blue trousers and a blue jacket with a blue and white striped tie.


Like his friend Panteleimon Shaymardan is an emotionless speaker but unlike the Kazakh dog he is relatively a slow and sort of soft speaker unlike Kokhir who starts off slow and then changes his voice tone from slow to fast without warning. Just as Shavkat treats Panteleimon like a brother Shaymardan treats Kokhir as well as Shavkat and Panteleimon like brothers, even though Turkmenistan is not a violent country he is very skilled with firearms almost fiercely skilled with firearms.

Though he appreciates being the sole Turkmen dog in the A.P.F just as Kokhir is the sole Tajik dog, Shavkat is the sole Uzbek dog, Panteleimon is the sole Kazakh dog, Aleksander is the sole Estonian dog, Herberts is the sole Latvian dog and Vaisvikas is the sole Lithuanian dog in the organization he appreciates beauty often liking the good looks of many female members of the A.P.F and also appreciates innocence mostly with the Junta babies Santiago of which almost startles the Yemeni dog Ali, Shaymardan often nicknames Santiago "Bush baby" because of his large eyes as well as saying that he and his sister Josefina are like any normal baby as well as "they suck dummies, they fidget, they play and cry. A lot."

Just most dogs in the A.P.F are close to each other such as Shavkat to Panteleimon or Maria to Ioana he and Kokhir are very close to each other. Also as well as being very skilled with firearms he does have a rather vile temper especially with media and is very, very prone to periods of violence. He also blames the media for his favouritistic attitude to children hating other children but liking the Junta children as well as his xenophobic attitude hating other animals except allies though he does eventually like enemies. His appreciation of beauty also leads him to be very defensive of female allies. Even though he is very paedophobic he is shown to be actually good with young Junta children and the Junta babies liking to watch them squirm and fidget, and though he is very xenophobic this xenophobia dies in his government time.

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