Shirani is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


She is an anthropomorphic Bucovina Shepherd Dog and is regarded commonly as being more like she is Sri Lankan than most female L.O.A fighters off the battlefield. On the battlefield she wears Tamil Tiger style uniform in green, a black belt across her waist and black combat boots whilst off the battlefield she wears traditional Buddhist female robes in Gold and Burgundy and goes barefoot.


If there's one thing that characterizes Shirani it is the fact that she tends to be a lot more serious than some L.O.A fighters mostly off the battlefield and is known to be just as superstitious as her leader Chandrika but even more religious and spiritual than her as well. She is also known to be mostly active in commemorations and alongside Amantha and Anyayarkanni is one of those fighters who never rests as she is still active off the battlefield.

Shirani is also a traditionalist and even more superstitious than her boss as she does not participate in a lot of rituals believing them to be satanic and against the will of Buddha. Alongside Amantha Shirani is also one of the most serious resistance fighters ever known not enjoying the arts and expecting other fighters either in the L.O.A or affiliated groups not to do so either. Like others she is also un-coperative with enemies the only time she does so is when she is captured by the Junta.

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