Silvio is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Giovanni's left hand man.


He has green fur, a white face and a red underbelly which is a common sight among most generals in the Junta mostly those who are Hungarian, Italian or Bulgarian. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a yellow sweatshirt, beige trousers and a black frock coat style jacket.


Seeing as he is the left hand man of Giovanni Silvio is just as loyal to him as Giuseppe Giovanni's right hand man and other Italian generals, he is typically seen as less sympathetic than his boss as well primarily to children. Given that his orders are to keep pace with the Paraguayan faction in Germany Silvio is confident that they will eventually do so which he eventually comes to do, like others he is interested by the amount of vehicles the Junta use which includes at least one truck by some factions and several cars be they luxury cars, convertibles or standard but rare cars.

He is also regarded as a lot more serious than most of the French generals and one of the Junta's most aggressive members but not as bad tempered as most of his allies like Heinrich or the Mujahideen fighter Dadullah. Nonetheless he feels a great sense of resentment to former Junta allies and collaborators on capture feeling pleasure from death seeing killing someone as a pleasure. In comparison with his boss Giovanni he is also generally considered to be a lot more concerned and serious (not that Giovanni isn't serious), to his enemies though he is a traitor. At the end of the Junta years Silvio has one of the rare distinctions of being rewarded by his leader and accepts the end of the Junta but notes there are some groups in the Anthro world that just don't die.

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