Not to be confused with the secondary antagonist of Journey of the Vixen

Sofia is a Spanish vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Manuel and the mother of Carmen.


Like the Colombian vixen Maria she has yellow fur and red fur. Unlike Maria Sofia has red fur with a yellow underbelly. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but when she returns in the Anthro Saga she has another recognizable appearance. In her anthro appearance Sofia wears a light green blouse, a light blue skirt, white stockings and white character shoes often with a brown cardigan. Sofia speaks English, Italian and Spanish.


Sofia is shown to be just as elegant as Marie but is slightly less graceful than she is and is much more practical and serious. But behind her elegance Sofia is a very fierce fighter and is often fierce off the battlefield towards Emily because of her bad history. Like Cristina she also becomes much more protective of her daughter but seeing Emily's more compassionate side grows to trust her.

She is also shown to be a lot more strict on Carmen than Manuel which puts on a great amount of strain with her daughter but she is also very protective of her daughter as well, a lot of others also call her rather sophisticated notably Manuel's boss Francisco and a whole lot better with younger children than most of the Spanish generals themselves. Sofia's protective nature primarily comes in during the withdrawal of the Junta, Carmen hears Osama shouting orders in Arabic and gets distracted also watching the A.R.A march into battle until Sofia hurries her away. This also comes in After the dictatorship when Carmen meets the resistance leaders face to face.

Behind her fierce nature Sofia is also a motherly loving character and like Svetlana tries to use reality at her trial but to no avail as she is executed. Also she also stands out from the other vixens in the dream world because though she knows the trial is a nightmare she is often seen crying in detention yet manages to be calm at her trial. She is also a friendly character and shares friendships with other vixens in the Junta.

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