Sokol is an Albanian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Albanian general Enver and his wife Nexhmije and the brother of Pranvera.


Because of his fur colour he is often nicknamed "The Ashen Fox" as he has black fur with a white underbelly and face. Like the German fox Alfred he also has white hands and feet. Sokol's clothing is also dark as he wears a grey T-Shirt with dark green trousers much like his sister except her upper clothing is slightly more brighter than his.


When it comes to defense there are three groups Sokol will do anything to defend: his friends, his parents and his sister but most of the time he can come off as being very rash. Compared to the Macedonian fox Branko he will usually think before doing in his own words "if they deserve it". Compared to most of the Junta children he is a pacifist and will try to stay out of confrontations unless they involve his friends or his sister then he will take part and defend whoever is being attacked.

Much like the Chilean fox Marco he is prone to episodes of enigmatic silence probably involving him plotting or something else. Much like his friends Sokol hates extremities as much as other Animalians be they allies, enemies or neutral. Like anyone else (sometimes) he enjoys watching the Junta babies and enjoys any babies outside the Junta but is frustrated by being constantly woken by them at night saying "They're good to watch but don't consider others in the middle of the night" He loves his sister and whilst Tibor treats him like a brother Sokol also treats him like a brother.

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