Stanislava is a Bulgarian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the sister of Bogdana and the oldest daughter of the Bulgarian general Vulko and his wife Svetlana.


Compared to most Bulgarian foxes as well as other Junta children who have red or blue fur she has orange fur and a white underbelly much like any other fox practically. She wears a white long sleeved T-Shirt, a black skirt and black tights but like many other members of the Junta she goes barefoot.


Stanislava has a sense of right and wrong but like many older Junta children like Natalya and Lana she has a rebellious streak in her personality but she is also a caring character as she holds Bogdana back when Basilio wanders off during the evacuation of the Junta but when Bogdana asks her why she did what she did Stanislava says: "I do care for him but if you followed him you wouldn't be here. This is a Junta Bogdana." After she says this though Bogdana says "We're a Junta but we have children." and once she says this Stanislava replies with "We are a Junta. But do you know the Junta in Greece or Chile? Well this Junta is like those Juntas. They won't give you a second chance. They'll kill you or even send you to a concentration camp and torture you." Svetlana later explains Stanislava's words in more detail.

Alongside many older Junta girls Stanislava is also involved in the concert organized by the Junta and is amused during rehearsals at both Heinrich's acting and Roberto's acting as well. She is also a friendly character and shares friendships with Natalya, Lana and other older Junta girls but also with the older Junta children in general but though she finds Heinrich funny she often finds Hugo, Branko and Vladimiro a bit too over the top however she enjoys Arnold on stage alongside Gregorio and Alberto. Though she is Bulgarian, there is no doubt about her enjoying her home country and nationality but Stanislava is also someone who enjoys the arts notably music and dance.

She is also someone who has a strong interest in the Far East, though she understands that East Asia is not the way it is often portrayed Stanislava enjoys the films that show East Asians, mostly Chinese, as antagonistic as she says it is a piece of fiction. Alongside Bogdana though she enjoys public transport she says that she would rather travel with Georgi in Argentina which she and her sister do.

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