Stefania is a Hungarian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Hungarian general Viktor and his wife Anita and the sister of Tibor.


At the age of 15 Stefania is one of the oldest children in the Junta. She is shown to get her physical appearance from her mother as she has a more human figure like other females in the Junta and outside the Junta such as in the Animalian Patriotic Front and their opponents the Animalian Junta. Of the Junta children she is the most recognizable in terms of colour scheme as she has white fur, a red muzzle and green eyes. Her clothing choice consists of a black T-Shirt, a purple leather jacket, black leather trousers, black leather gloves and black high heeled boots.


Alongside clothing choice Stefania is the most recognizable because of the fact she is the only Junta child to carry a weapon as she often carries a gun but it is never loaded and she more commonly uses it as a threat towards the Junta girls prisoners Rachel and Olivia especially when Miroslav hands them over to the Junta girls. She can be a very cruel character as she watches the two guards strip and enjoys it.

Stefania is especially cruel to Rachel because after the former torturer is tied up she tightens the knots around her wrists and ankles then forces Rachel's mouth open whilst the Albanian vixen Pranvera pours water down her throat, stopping occasionally to let the prisoner breathe, until the water is all gone and because Stefania has tied her so tightly Rachel soils herself. She is also cruel to Olivia because during a break when she and Pranvera force water down Rachel's throat she says muffled through her gag "leave her alone" prompting Stefania to say "Why should we? You never left any prisoners alone" and after she says this she smacks the lioness across her face. Also once Rachel has drank all the water forced down her throat first Stefania kicks her then takes one of her boots off and spreads her foot across Rachel's nose and mouth. To add to the former torturer's humiliation their gags are soaked in urine.

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