Stephanie is a former Animalian politician and former member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Flat Coated Retriever who is an agent of the Junta police which acts as a secret police at times during the dictatorship. In this form she wears a black latex bodysuit, black over the knee boots and black latex gloves but she is also the leader of the "Union dominators" which consists of both female members of the A.N.S.U and some of it's female collaborators. In this form Stephanie wears a black and red latex outfit, standard coloured tights and black over the knee boots, she also carries a whip.


Seeing as she has a certain amount of power Stephanie is very close to Irma and Helen who serve as the Union's female wing's leaders, she also seemingly is friends with Irma often collaborating with her or is seen with her at times. Because she is a leader it is no surprise that she loves power but she can be very vindictive at times mainly because of Mufasa's rule she also abuses her power in front of Simba and his daughter Kiara at times but other times she lets others do her dirty work for her.

Much like her enemies she is very defiant in front of her enemies as well as being unaccepting of defeat. Stephanie is also one of those who has plans to capture female members of the Animalian Patriotic Front as well as put those who are captured on show. She can be very, very arrogant at times showing arrogance in front of many of her leaders and allies as well as having plans to capture the Junta babies. Stephanie particularly abuses her power during the Night of the Thieves ordering the purges as well as signing orders for those to be killed as well as passing kidnapped babies off for adoption illegally as well as making sure Animalia succumbs to Mechanikat's mercy which it does.

But despite the fact she orders the purges after the coup she establishes interment trials. Kidnapped Animalians are sent to trial and if convicted they are sent to prison or a detention centre, she is also one of the key organisers of raising the dictatorship's brutality. Stephanie also has little care for Animalia seeing that under the brutality of the dictatorship Animalia will fall and also has an ambition that once Animalia falls to invade and conquer other countries but ultimately this ambition goes to her head and breaks her relationship with Mechanikat. On trial she tries not to show no regrets but in actuality she is shattered by the egregious violations that occurred under the Junta that she ordered: the crackdowns, the genocides, the purges, everything.

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