Stevie is a former Tyrannian soldier involved with the Animalian Junta.


He is an anthropomorphic Jackal and of the soldiers is the most recognizable of them all. He wears a black polo shirt and black military style trousers. At times he wears dog tags around his neck and often wears a long sleeved black T-shirt. Stevie's clothing choice also earns him the nickname "The Dark Jackal" and despite the fact the females wear jewellery Stevie often wears rings on his left ring ringer and his right index and middle fingers but they are later handed over to Mechanikat as "inappropriate"


Just like the Bosnian fox Miroslav and the Latvian vixen Laimdota Stevie's clothing matches his personality. At times he is a very dark character with an equally dark and twisted sense of humor. He hates Mufasa as much as Mechanikat does and goes as far to call him "a stupid narcissistic cat" and like Heinrich in the Fox Junta he is very quick in a rage but can be calm at times.


During the Night of the Thieves Stevie also curses Mufasa's image and at times other symbols. Even ripping the Presidential standard into very small pieces and throwing it out the window of the former presidential palace an also gets into a fight with Simba and in the fight though Simba throws Stevie down the stairs another member of the Junta Greg attacks Simba which escalates to the roof which Stevie participates in. After Simba is disarmed he is captured and forced to be a guard at Trebdanek concentration camp much to the dismay of Maria and Chloe. After the Junta falls the jackal flees to Bratislava but is extradited to Animalia and receives a year imprisonment. Today he lives in Animalia.

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