Susanna is a guard at the Trebdanek concentration camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta .


She is an anthropomorphic Jaguar who is also another distinguishable member of the Junta not only by the fact she wears leather gloves but because she also wears jewelry as she is often seen wearing a necklace. She wears a light green blouse, a dark green jacket, a dark green knee length skirt, a black belt across her waist and black boots. Susanna also carries a cattle prod.


Like most of the guards Susanna is a very cruel character but what separates her from the others is that she participates in forceful torture which is force feeding a victim or even forced ingestion of water. She is very commonly seen with Maria torturing Dusty and whilst she does the forced ingestion Maria does the tying. Although she carries a cattle prod she not only uses it for it's main purpose but she also uses it to hit prisoners with.


At the end of the Junta's rule Susanna is one of the first guards to join Hannah's group when they prepare to leave Trebdanek and tries to pressure Hannah to leave but Hannah tells Susanna "My decision in inevitable." and stands by her choice to be the last to leave. Ultimately Susanna is captured by the Animalian Patriotic Front and tried for her crimes at the camp. Like Sunita Susanna is sentenced to five years but in her last year she is released two months before her full sentence is finished for good behavior. She also receives a pardon by Hunter along with the other former prisoners. Today Susanna resides in Animalia

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