Svetlana or Lana as she is often known is a Bulgarian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of  Vulko and the mother of Stanislava and her younger sister Bogdana.


In terms of physical appearance she is very similar to Vixen except her fur is lighter and like another vixen Viktoria she has white paws but unlike Viktoria who has white paws and half white legs Svetlana has white paws at the front and white paws and legs at the back. Another distinguishing feature is during her time as a P.O.W she wears a black collar which she had also worn when she was persecuted by Darwin before she met Vulko. This collar is removed after she has been liberated but it returns when she is an anthro in the form of a necklace. In her anthro form she wears a white blouse, a dark green knee length skirt and a dark green jacket sometimes with a belt across her waist but she still goes barefoot, but when she flies with Elena and Maja she wears black boots.


Whilst Svetlana does have a strong personality she is not the victim of as much death threats as Cristina or Viktoria are making Steele unassuming of her which makes Svetlana a dangerous foe. Nonetheless she is somewhat of a wise character as most of what her daughters know comes from her. She is also a very caring character and is one of the vixens involved with looking after the younger Junta children. Her strong personality is also shown at Junta rallies and when the Junta are shown singing. Alongside Brainy Barker, Sasha Le Fleur and the rest of the vixens involved with the Junta Svetlana also becomes involved in entertaining the Junta, the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front singing for them. Svetlana's name also earns her the nickname of Lana which the other members of the Junta often call her.

The only ones in the Junta that don't call her Lana are her children who call her "mother" and Tatjana who often calls her "Svet" to avoid confusion with her own daughter. She is also described as being a very vicious soldier flying with Elena and Maja to avenge Leonid who had been shot off the road but survived. Then immediately after destroying the criminal's car she destroys an airbase then after the attack on the airbase which leaves it a burning wreck Todor and Stanko describe her as "the most vicious pilot of the most vicious weapon ever seen.". Svetlana also has a taste for music and the arts but it still pertains to the fact that her personality never backs down.