Sylvester is a Tyrannian general and member of the Animalian Junta.


He is an anthropomorphic wolf who is the leader of the band of wolves that Phil is part of and is just as horrible looking as he is. Despite the fact Sylvester has no scars he has a severely burned face and all that is visible is his eyes. He wears grey trousers, a white shirt, a black frock coat, a black wide brimmed hat and a scarf across his mouth and nose.


Just like many members of the Junta Sylvester has the belief they have been betrayed but he does not feel betrayed by the world but feels betrayed by unknown allies because they ruined his life and appearance. Like Phil he appreciates beauty and though he likes the female members of the Junta he only likes them as friends, in the dream world though he enjoys Sofia's good looks and keeps her prisoner as Phil does with the Uruguayan vixen Lucia.

Sylvester is completely unsympathetic towards young children and in particular babies as he is in charge of a hospital which is converted into a Juvenile detention center for infants and babies but installs his henchman Vincent to be in charge of it in the dream world whilst he keeps Sofia prisoner after ordering the interment of her daughter Carmen. Phil often says that he also sounds like a pirate like Captain Barbossa. At the detention center he also has the interment of the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago


Under the Junta during the Night of the Thieves whilst the females riot, loot etc. as do many other males Sylvester orders the pillaging of Ashtiago which becomes notorious for it's extreme brutality. Whilst most violence consists of typical riots one extreme cruelty was for the members of the pillage to confiscate letters, rip off stamps and put them back in their envelopes to be delivered to the Junta and afterwards the house is burned down with it's occupants still inside. He later serves at various detention centers one of them Majlinka. As the Animalian Patriotic Front advance on Animalia Sylvester with his colleague Vincent who has been a close ally of his consider whether to kill themselves. Eventually they find the nearest soundproof room and shoot themselves.

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