Tabarik is a former Animalian guerrilla fighter and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Striped Hyena who often appears more militaristic than most guerrilla fighters in the A.M.S as she wears a white blouse, a dark green skirt, a dark green jacket, a brown belt across her waist and black boots especially when she isn't active whilst in battle she wears a green T-Shirt, black leather trousers and black boots.


Whilst Dabroniega organizes executions Tabarik organizes firing squads and is part of one of these herself, though she strongly approves of executions she mainly approves of firing squad and hanging which becomes a common view in Mechanikat's Animalia as does death squads. She is also widely viewed as an executioner performing individual executions with a simple bullet to the head, Tabarik also shares the common idea that enemies do not believe equality.

She is often believed to be the A.M.S's most valuable member because she is an active listener of the radio and as a result often listens to broadcasts of the A.M.S's allies and is also considered perfect in media so the A.M.S can listen to their allies on radio or watch film on television, when they also see Siad's execution which is broadcasted round Animalia the A.M.S see it as a victory whilst the Junta and their allies show no reaction at all, one sheds a tear until he finally says "I'm GLAD He's gone!". However no matter how good she is with media it is very difficult to find a radio station that isn't heavily censored or run by the government under the Junta. Tabarik is also viewed as cultivating the showing or the A.M.S's allies in a heroic light and is also close to many older children in the Fox Junta, she may not look it but Tabarik is actually very physically strong able to throw Elektra off Monica during the coup that throws Mufasa out of the presidency of Animalia and able to rugby tackle Imogen who attacks Maarja. Nonetheless she is relatively accepting of arrest.


Tabarik is not only one of the most active members of the A.M.S but is also very active during the war between the Animalian Junta and their allies against the Fox Junta and their allies, she also believes that the A.M.S still fights against Mechanikat whilst it is in Argentina. She participates in the Animalian Civil War which leads to her defeat, arrest and imprisonment until the end of the dictatorship when she is released. Following her release Tabarik is one of the 40 A.M.S members rehabilitated by Hunter and alongside her allies she is rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta for her fight against Mechanikat.

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