Tadeuz is a Belarusian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is another one of Alexander's right hand men serving with Vasil.


He has white fur with a red face and unlike most Belarusian generals his underbelly is dark green whilst others have light green fur, underbellies or faces. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, dark green trousers, a dark green marshall jacket with a gold collar and sleeve edges.


Like Yanka Tadeuz comes off as a capable helicopter flyer but he can also fly a plane being just as skilled as Elena, Maja and Svetlana in flying, he is also shown to be a lot more formal than Yanka as well calling his superiors "sir", he can also get very secretive and like Vasil he enjoys Mufasa's early rule but later on he hates him and like Yanka is pleased with the "real" resistance and their discipline which is also shown on a videotape that is circulated round the Junta and later turned into a DVD, the video shows a training video by the resistance groups, Road Rovers and many other groups being involved in torture including some of the Rovers kicking at prisoners and various other things.

But he also enjoys old resistance groups because of how incompetent and how much of a failure they were and he is even more pleased when he learns that the resistance disband their rivals, before the tape is brought round the Junta and watched by all factions of the Junta except the Junta children Tadeuz says "How I wish I could have seen them (the real resistance) destroy their enemies (the fake resistance)", like Ivan Tadeuz also carries out his orders without question and is very cold and reclused. Yanka and him are also shown to be close friends and during the sales of the video tape when it is converted into a DVD as well as the original video he comes off as being your average pirate (the dodgy salesman type not the Blackbeard type) but many say he is a decent salesman, nearly everyone in the Junta's allies buy a copy of the DVD and the video except Fructuoso and Lucia as well as those with young children. In spite of this though he remains loyal to Alexander and the Junta, exceptionally loyal.

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