Tanja is a Slovene vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Sergej and the mother of Josip.


She is often described as being a spitting image of the French vixen Marie as she has blue fur yet the Slovene vixen's fur is lighter. Tanja has light/dark blue fur with a white underbelly and a thin red stripe down her back. In her fist appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a dark green knee length skirt, a brown military jacket and a black belt across her waist and like many females in the Fox Junta as well as their opponents she goes barefoot. Tanja speaks Slovene, Slovak, Czech and English.


Tanja often has the belief that the Estonian vixen Maarja and her friend Mirjana could become air attendants after the Junta is dissolved and often believes they are even when they are in the Junta because of their style of dress. Despite the fact she is Slovene the Bulgarian vixen Svetlana and the Slovak vixen Silvia who Tanja is also friends with often believe she is Yugoslav because of her style of dress and also her belief Maarja and Mirjana could be flight attendants. Towards other members of the Junta and her allies Tanja is very respectful and sees the generals in the Junta as being good leaders. She is also known to be acrophobic and necrophobic.

In torture, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, she is a prime example of someone with absolute power and in Tanja's case anything far more frightening in a way than a male being involved in torture and abductions of old resistance fighters is a woman who tortures and kills old resistance fighters. It is also said that Tanja's victims are not just tortured but also are tortured enough to feed her sadistic nature, among her enemies Tanja becomes known as the scourge of Slovenia.

On the battlefield though she is a very fierce fighter and is often compared to the former Animalian soldier Katie and unknown to both of them they actually have a lot in common with each other. The Slovene vixen is arguably the most difficult vixen in the Junta as one minute she can be open and trusting to former members of the Junta's main rival the Animalian Junta the next minute she can lose all her respect for them particularly with the former First Lady Emily but eventually grows to like her. Aside from these qualities she is a loving character and loves her husband and son.

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