Not to be confused with the Slovene vixen of the same name or the Russian dog of the same name

Tanja is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Karst Shepherd dog and is one of the many shepherd dogs involved with the organization as well as alongside Vida, Lyudmila and Magda one of it's armoured ones as well. In her soldier days she wears a white tunic, mail trousers, a silver chest plate, a brown belt across her waist which carries a knife sheath, a white cloak and black boots which often earns her the nickname "White dog". In her government time she wears a white blouse, a navy blue skirt, black tights and black slip on shoes.


Much like the Iraqi dog Saddam Tanja does not mind killing and manages to excel him having a taste for death and also a taste for blood which often makes her rather bloodthirsty, at one point her cloak is actually stained red with blood. Not only is Tanja very skilled with a knife but she is also very skilled with a sword having one slung over her shoulder just as the Czech dog Magda has a rifle slung over her back, having her cloak bloodstained also leads to the Junta babies being very afraid of her when she first meets them.

To her enemies she is very defiant often answering interrogation questions very arrogantly if not very aggressively and is also exceedingly strong willed. Alongside Magda and others Tanja's bloodthirsty nature comes in when she attacks Siad after his execution, seeing as she is from the Eastern part of Europe it is no surprise that she is a very harsh critic of the West mainly with Foodfight! calling it "hideous" and "egregious". Her skill with knives also makes her a perfect assassin and since she has been an assassin in her past Tanja is very skilled in crime, but she is also a very firm character. Nonetheless she is good with young Junta children and even with the Junta babies who eventually get to like her despite her scaring them, not only is Tanja good with the Junta's main babies Josefina and Santiago but is also good with it's sole kitten Valerie often watching her when the A.P.F and their allies re-unite after they become part of the government. Valerie is also the only baby who isn't afraid of Tanja but there again the baby is not afraid of much of her allies, like virtually everyone else she enjoys watching babies mainly watching them cry, fall over, hurt themselves or get scared/startled. Unlike her friend Vida who is also Slovene she has very little to almost no change in her government time.

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