Tanya is a former Animalian student and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Wolf who is arguably the most extravagant member of the A.M.S and is also rather extravagant for a student and a student leader at that. In this case she wears a white polo shirt, a pink knee length skirt, a grey fur coat, standard colored tights and high heels in general but the first time she is in prison she wears her shirt, skirt and tights and Katya and Natalya give her them when she gets out of prison but she keeps them on in prison the second time.


Compared to most members of the A.M.S Tanya is shown to be very polite even to enemies for a short amount of time but she is arguably the most mysterious member of the military students. She may be the most extravagant member but she is also the most headstrong being arrested twice, one on her own and the other with the rest of the A.M.S and it's proscription. She is very close to Katya and Natalya (the students not the foxes) as they are to her, what also makes Tanya the most mysterious member is that it is very rare to hear her speak but when she does speak, unlike most foreign characters, she has a very thin Russian accent.

Unlike most members of the A.M.S she is also the most sophisticated member of the organization but is also the most stoic and respectful always showing respect towards her judges when she is on trial. Not only is she the most extravagant but also is surprisingly elegant despite most of her allies not seeing her as being elegant but her defiance is also more notable as well as the fact she is one of the most powerful members of the organization being involved with assassination attempts two of which kill three members of the Animalian National Socialist Union. She also loves power as much as anyone else and compared to most members she is very serious and practical.


Tanya has a high and active role in the A.M.S being involved with three assassination attempts which leads to her being imprisoned but she escapes and continues to participate in the fight against Mechanikat and his Junta until her second arrest where the A.M.S is proscribed and disbanded with it's members imprisoned until the end of the dictatorship. At the end of the dictatorship and the liberation of Bronzeley Tanya is released from prison and alongside other leading members and plain members of the organization is rehabilitated by Hunter and also rewarded for her fighting against Mechanikat by Hunter and the Fox Junta.

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