Tara is a guard at Trebdanek concentration camp and a former member of the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Leopard and alongside other members of the Junta wears more relaxed clothing. Tara wears a white blouse, a dark green skirt, black leather gloves and black boots on duty but off duty though she still wears boots she wears tights over them. But at times on duty she wears a dark green jacket with a black belt across her waist.


Like Crystal and Melanie Tara often acts like a child even on duty but whilst Crystal and Melanie are as mature as her she acts less like a child and more like Curley's wife even though tigress, leopard and wolf have a bit of Curley's wife inside them Tara meets every single criteria.

She is a very flirtatious character and is often known through her relationship with Alphonse, she likes to show her body off not just to other prisoners but to other male guards but unlike Melanie and Melissa Tara believes beauty becomes natural and she is a beautiful leopardess giving her the nickname of "The Beautiful Cat Wolf" because though Tara is a leopard she has the cruelty of a wolf. Though Alphonse has a relationship with Tara and he is a higher up guard like Shere Khan and the Sheriff he forbids her to sleep with him despite Crystal sleeps with Shere Khan and Hannah sleeps with the Sheriff. Another thing that makes Tara like Curley's wife is the way she treats prisoners as she shows very, very little respect towards them as does Crystal.


After the Junta falls Tara tries to flee with Hannah but unfortunately she leaves the escape too late and the remaining guards which are mainly female are arrested. At her trial Tara expresses her fall from grace and shows remorse for her crimes. She is sentenced to life in prison but is released for good behaviour. Today Tara lives in Animalia.

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