The Shadow judges are three spotted Hyenas that preside over the Trial of the Vixens in the nightmare of the Junta vixen Svetlana.

The judges


Robert is the main judge in the trials and is from Zimbabwe. He is a spotted hyena wearing a white shirt, a grey jacket and grey trousers covered by black judges robes. He is also shown to speak fluent English. In terms of personality Robert is the complete opposite of the Junta trials judge Ferdinand. Whilst Ferdinand takes the law very, very seriously he is a likeable character and never crosses any serious lines whilst Robert often uses his position to intimidate the other vixens on trial particularly Tatjana and later Svetlana. Another difference is that Ferdinand first comes off as being a heartless character but in actual reality is a sympathetic character who is also shown to be applauding when Brainy is released whilst there are no redeeming qualities about Robert. Another difference is that Ferdinand is liked by both colleagues and prisoners alike whilst Robert is hated by the prisoners and often rules through the same methods of Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh put together but he is liked by his fellow judges.


Mengistu is an Ethiopian judge in the trial. He wears a white shirt with black trousers and a black jacket but this is hidden under judges robes. He is the main judge at Svetlana's trial and is shown to speak fluent Amharic and English but when he speaks English he has an African accent. In terms of personality Mengistu is the complete opposite of the Junta trials judge Nursultan except Mengistu is less forthcoming than Nursultan and is shown to not so much try her as intimidate her.


Hissene is a Chadian judge in the trial and of the judges he is the most recognizable as he wears a white robe instead of a black robe and like Mengistu he speaks a fluent language as he speaks fluent French but also speaks Arabic but does not understand English because he is from Chad and they don't speak English. In terms of personality Hissene is the most mysterious of the judges as he never says anything except for one word: "Non" when he is asked whether he wants to question any vixens. He also suggests the death penalty to Svetlana and ultimately calls her a war criminal after her sentence causing her at the end of her trial to be dragged out of the court screaming "I'm not a war criminal!" Alongside the other members of the trial he ceases to exist at the end of the nightmare.

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