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"Welcome to the Untermation Wiki. Now bring me that disgraceful Fegelein!

"Thundertopia Filmworks" is the name given to this wiki that is dedicated to the characters and stories written by Buddyrichiedonmoochie also known as "The wiki founder". It runs as if these stories were films.

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Thundertopia Filmworks was made by a Wikia user known as Buddyrichiedonmoochie who is also a deviantART and YouTube user and Unterganger. This wiki is dedicated to the characters in the stories he has made, the stories he has made and the people he gets his inspiration from. However this wiki is only for animal characters and stories such as Nightmare of Nome and Journey of the Vixen but recently included is the series Defenders of Earth.

As with The second Untermation Wikia articles are edited once a section of a story has been added onto deviantART to avoid spoilers.

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