Thillaiyampalam is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


He is an anthropomorphic Bloodhound and is a rare member of the L.O.A as he is quite the stuff of legend, Thillaiyampalam also puts the Blood in Bloodhound as he wears Tamil Tiger style uniform which is worn by many members of the L.O.A but his is stained with blood particularly on his shirt and collar.


Thillaiyampalam is shown to be just as aggressive as Selvarasa but unlike him is not abusive, his aggression particularly comes in to Carmen when she accuses him of keeping Gopalaswamy down in a pit upon which he immediately says to her "Get away from here!" and also proceeds to denigrate her. Like the white angels he is also legendary being behind many urban legends the most famous being The Child Snatcher which is shown particularly in a scary light. Even though he has a bad temper he is a lot calmer than Selvarasa because whilst Thillaiyampalam denigrates Carmen Selvarasa would have lashed out and he does especially on another Junta child.

He is particularly told in legends told by young children from the age of 7 to 10 years old, like many of his allies he enjoys seeing female enemies as prisoners of war, Though he is aggressive to enemies he can be aggressive to allies as well being particularly aggressive to Carmen. On the discipline side he is just as disciplined as Velupillai but has faith in his forces accomplishments and the conditions of the hospitals the L.O.A use both in the dream world and after the dictatorship. Regardless of alliance he is respectful of female allies but is very distant from female prisoners even if he is one of the most notorious terrorist leaders, Ever. It is also not only young children where he is the subject of legend in young children but older ones as well. To some mostly children Thillaiyampalam is a defender of their life, some children describe him as a great saint and great soldier. To parents mostly he is a militant.

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