Tibor is a Hungarian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Hungarian general Viktor and his wife Anita and the brother of Stefania.


Alongside most foxes who have green in their flag he is one of the most recognizable as he has green fur with white hands and feet like his friends Alfred and Sokol but also has a red underbelly which leads to questions and beliefs that he was involved in a fight. And it is said that his underbelly was previously white and turned red when he was involved in a fight and his belly was cut open whilst he was pinned on his back but thankfully this is only a belief. Tibor dresses like the weather is often bleak outside as he wears black trousers, a white T-Shirt and a navy waterproof jacket. He also wears dog tags around his neck.


One of the characteristics of Tibor is that he will treat his friends and other children in the Junta with respect but will treat other children outside the Junta how they treat him, so if they treat him with respect he'll give respect back. He will also treat other children how they treat his friends, in this case he treats the Hood Sisters Katya, Lucie and Remy with respect yet treats bullies how they treat him/

Though he hates enemies Tibor comes to forgive members of the Animalian Union and their ally the Animalian Junta, Tibor is also given as much as the one thing Marco is given: Respect. Unlike most of the older children he is more frustrated by Josefina and Santiago because of them at one point screaming and crying continuously at night, not to mention the fact the babies have a really, really high scream. But he still enjoys watching them and other babies and it is this that the Illusionist uses to his advantage and puts him in charge of a juvenile detention center run by the Animalian Junta which holds babies.

Whilst Sokol sees the Hood sisters as friends Tibor appreciates the beauty of the girls but sees them as friends nonetheless yet he also appreciates beauty as much as many of the older Junta boys.

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