Toomas is an Estonian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Lennart's right hand man.


He is well known in the Estonian generals as he has very pale blue fur and whilst other generals have white muzzles or underbellies Toomas's underbelly and face are cream. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a light blue tie and grey trousers and a grey suit jacket.


Compared to many of the other Estonian generals Toomas can be rather dramatic often over-emphasizing words at times, despite this though he calls Arnold an eccentric but he still respects him and enjoys his impressions of the Green Goblin but he too is a good impressionist and collaborates with him on stage as well as does his own impressions on stage. Thankfully he and Arnold know the rounds of what should be taken, whilst Andrus calls Arnold "The Impressionist" Toomas calls him "The Fox of 100 Voices" whilst his nickname for Lennart is "The Kingpin"

As well as Arnold he is very close to his boss Lennart and much like the Bulgarian general Stanko and the German general Hermann Toomas has periods of mystery. He can come off as being worrisome but respects his leader and the other Estonian generals Andrus and Konstantin. He can also be a social darwinist showing no respect for Siad and instead watching Arnold throw water bombs at him only the tables are eventually turned on him and on stage Arnold throws three to four water bombs into the audience and the bombs hit him, Santiago (who starts crying and ends up with a wet nappy), Svetlana and Konstantin. As well as the other generals Toomas also respects the Junta and their allies as well as Arnold's wife Evelin and daughter Maarja.

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