The Trial of the Vixens is a trial of the Vixens of the Fox Junta in the nightmare of the Junta vixen Svetlana. Though it is a trial it is not much a formal trial as it is a show trial. And though it features the Junta vixens it does not involve CristinaViktoria, Elena or Sabina

The Trial

In the nightmare the Junta vixens are accused of crimes commited at a concentration camp under the dictatorship of Mechanikat in particular the women's camp. Many are sentenced to life in prison and some are sentenced to death.


The nightmare starts with the arrest of various other vixens and though it ends with Svetlana it is unknown who the arrests start with but it is assumed the first vixen to be arrested is Nexhmije. The vixens are then taken to what in reality is the Animalian Palace of Justice and placed in detention.

Despite the other vixens involvement the nightmare is actually of the Bulgarian vixen Svetlana. Before the trial starts she tries to find out what is going on by asking Anna but does not get an answer and their meeting is cut short by the entrance of the judges of the trial. The first vixen to be called to stand is shown to be Anna who is then sentenced to five years in prison and even after her trial she tries to convince her innocence even as guards bring her to her feet and drag her out of the room. After Anna's trial Svetlana realises it is her turn and is more nervous than Anna was. Ultimately she is sentenced to death and is dragged out the room like Anna. Unlike Anna Svetlana is dragged out the room screaming "I'm not a war criminal!"

Those on trial

Vixen Penalty
Nexhmije 10 years
Rita 10 years
Galina Death
Elisabeth Death
Svetlana Death
Tatjana Life
Ivana 20 years
Evelin Death
Marie 10 years
Anita Life
Maria Life
Dace 10 years
Dalia 10 years
Maja 20 years
Lidija 20 years
Anna 5 years
Dragica 20 years
Silvia Death
Tanja Death
Sofia Death
Lyudmilla 20 years
Herta         Death
Lady Blue Life
Yolanda Life
Dilma Death
Ceilia 20 years
Maria 10 years
Anne 5 years
Eligia 10 years
Nadine 20 years
Lucia 5 years
Cilia 20 years
Angelica Life
Vanda Death
Rosa Life
Rosa 10 years
Rosario 10 years

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