Vaclav is a Czech fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the left hand man of Gustav and his driver in Germany.


He has red fur with a dark blue underbelly and a white face which is particularly common for most Czech generals in the Junta. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, navy blue trousers and a navy blue army jacket.


When it comes to driving expensive cars Vaclav is described as both a natural born driver and a lucky general as he is one of the generals who owns one of the many luxury cars that the Junta use, others include the Polish general Kazimierz and the Hungarian general Viktor as well as a few Latin American generals as well, but despite the fact he owns a luxury car he sees most new luxury cars such as the new Rolls Royce Phantom as being too expensive and it is this that leads to him being thankful that the Junta use classic cars.

Like the Macedonian general Gjorge he is described as being a loyal and good driver and one of the Junta's finest drivers, he is also glad there are still cars for those Junta members from less economically developed countries like Paraguay, Honduras and Bolivia though is still surprised that the Spanish faction use a taxi cab as part of an escort. Like many others he is interested by the resistance fighters due to their strong level of determination and dedication to their goals but is even more interested by their weaponry and the fact that the A.R.A send one of their members Salim away to a mosque which soon comes under heavy Dalek attacks. Like Gjorge Vaclav is trusted by the other Czech generals and likes to toy with enemies a lot. Ludvik describes him as a natural double agent and scheming and cunning. And it's these characteristics that lead to him being liked by Gustav, his wife Ivana and his generals but not by his son Alexander nor other Junta children notably young ones.

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