Valdis is a Latvian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Dace and the father of Laimdota.


He is often described as being the perfect Latvian fox as he has burgundy fur with white facial markings which are lighter around his eyes. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a light green tie, black trousers and a dark green army jacket.


Valdis is described as being like any normal fox being very cunning and cunning enough to cheat his way out of defeat on stage threatening Andris with a gun, but in the end it is Andris who wins, But it is also his enemies that he threatens with guns and because of this he is regarded as one of the most notorious generals in the Junta and one of Mechanikat's enemies destroying his prisoners physically and psychologically often whipping them with a whip that has a nail stuck through it. Soon he gets tired of whipping Siad with a normal whip and lashes him with a cat o'nine tails.

But despite this he is just as protective of not only his wife Dace but also his daughter Laimdota, just as protective in fact of them other generals who are married with children are of their own. Dace treats Laimdota like she is an adult but it is more common for Valdis to call Laimdota "Young lady" as many Latvian generals call her but this is also used to apply to many older Junta girls regardless of nationality. Like his colleague Guntis he loves how gormless the babies look but unlike most generals who find them irritating and he finds them funny primarily when they play also laughing at how they always look like they smack something, like many others who have older children such as Arnold, Nicolae and the Serbian general Dragutin Valdis has the belief that he and Dace raise Laimdota well but this does not necessarily mean that Fructuoso and Lucia do not raise their children well because in the words of many "they raise the babies much better than any normal parent outside the Junta.".

Valdis is not only cruel to Siad but brutal to him believing him to be a slave as well as being very darwinistic saying on Siad's execution "A waste of resources. The weak only serve to benefit the strong." with the babies seeing them as being very weak highlighting the fact the babies rely on their parents for everything and because of his statement he is better with young Junta children than the babies but despite this he loves his wife and daughter.

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