Not to be confused with the French dog of the same name

Valérie is the last surviving child of Thomas O'Malley and Duchess and the only cat involved with the Fox Junta in it's last days. She is the adoptive daughter of the French general Marcel and his wife Marie and the sister of his daughter Bernadette.


Like Josefina though Valerie is a baby she was named after the former First Lady of France Valerie Trierwieler


She is an anthropomorphic Turkish Angora kitten with white fur which is barely surprising since that is the primary colour of Angora cats. Compared to Marie (the kitten not the vixen) she is more covered as she wears a long sleeved pink T-Shirt like dress, pink leggings and a white nappy. She also sucks a pink dummy.


Unlike her sister Valérie is much more quieter but is just as babyish which can be no surprise as she is a baby, she also keeps herself to herself and just accepts everything that happens to her. The only thing she doesn't accept is her interment or at times conflict with her sister. Valérie is also more quieter than Marie (the kitten not the vixen) but nonetheless she does still cry, much like the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago Valérie is very fidgety and because she is very young she is very curious.

Many members of the Fox Junta such as the Serbian general Dragutin as well as the Bosnian one, the Mexican general Gregorio and the Junta's leader Roberto say that she is just like any normal baby. Thanks to sucking a dummy, though she does cry, Valérie is silent at times but she is scared of strangers the main ones being the Estonian general Arnold as well as those who scared the Junta babies before. Marie (the vixen not the kitten) also scares her at first but much like the babies Bernadette is often frustrated with Valérie but lets herself not hurt her not because her parents will tell her off for it because as she knows Marcel and his wife are loving parents but because though she too was frustrated by the babies in the Junta she never hurt them. She also enjoys watching babies

Much like any normal baby Valérie is not only very curious but is also easily scared and frightened as well as very playful playing with Bernadette's tail when she first meets her as well as playing with the tails of Miroslav, Alexander (both of them), Branko, Artashes, Luiz, Florencio and Vladimiro to name a few as well as playing with the Junta babies when she first meets them. But not only is she curious around the Fox Junta but also around Emily as well as the A.P.F when they become the government. Though babies often frustrate Bernadette Valérie is an exception because of her quiet nature. She also loves her old and new family as well as her adoptive sister.

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