Vanda is a Salvadoran vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Joaquin and the mother of Maximiliano.


She arguably has the same shade of blue fur as many other Latin American and some European vixens in the Junta and though none of the vixens are not rebellious Vanda is arguably the most distinguishable as she has three stars on her left arm which later becomes a tattoo. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga her dress is just as rebellious as her personality as she wears a black long sleeved T-Shirt, a red jacket, a black leather skirt, black tights and black high heeled boots with a wide black belt across her waist.


Though El Salvador is in the West and North Korea and China are in the far East Vanda is a very fierce critic of North Korea because of it's leaders and personality cult calling it ridiculous and it's government "sycophants" as well as denouncing the army as "savages" particularly those in concentration camps, as a result of this she is very judgmental of many Asian dogs and alongside the Mexican vixen Angelica is the first to judge Zia when she meets him but comes under fire herself.

Nonetheless she is very skilled with guns particularly sub-machine guns having one carried over her shoulder at times, she is also very protective and fierce when it comes to war particularly being protective of not only her son but also young children having the younger children possibly being sent to Animalia under protection but the idea is turned down since anyone the Junta trusts are killed, interred or tortured. Vanda can also be very arrogant at times nonetheless she is respectable to allies and also loves her husband and her son. She is also rather friendly and has friendships with other Junta vixens.

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