Vasil is a Belarusian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the right hand man of Alexander.


Unlike his boss who has red-green fur he has light green fur with a red face and a white underbelly which gives him a distinguishable fur colour amongst himself and his boss. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie, dark green trousers and a dark green jacket.


Vasil is shown to be a lot more closer to Alexander than Branislaw is though this does not necessarily mean that Branislaw does not like Alexander because he does, the reason for Branislaw tending to be more distant from his boss is because of Alexander seeing Branislaw as being like a hitman and as such he spends a lot of time away. Even though Branislaw is very careless at least he has limits to what he can and can't do where as Vasil has no limits or at least that's what he believes and is shown to be a lot more careless than him as well but still likes him.

Some say there is a hint of mystery about Vasil as well which is noticed by Galina and many others in the Belarusian faction in the Junta and the Junta itself. The main sense of mystery that it is thought is his respect towards Alexander and Branislaw. Like the Slovene generals Janez and Borut Vasil is considered to be a lot more sophisticated and a lot more bad tempered and arrogant, though he is allies with the A.P.F he is shown to be a lot less tolerant of them when he first meets them or at least of some of it's members when he first meets them and like Alexander hates Mufasa in the later years of his rule.

Like Dadullah in the Mujahideen wherever there is torture you can always guarantee that Vasil will be there and because he is not someone you really want to get on the wrong side of he is especially intolerant of young children regardless of whether they are the Junta children or normal children. He is not bad with the Junta babies but is not good with them either as he and many other Belarusians in the Junta alongside many others give a dislike to the babies when their parents show them round though this does not mean that they simply do not look though in Vasil's case he looks at Santiago for about 10 seconds and turns away from him afterwards. Lucia says that Vasil's mystery comes in around the babies because Vasil tends to greatly dislike the babies almost to the point of hating them when they throw a real tantrum but whenever they cry he enjoys it. Though no-one really leaves the Junta during it's years neither does he.

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