Vasilisa is a former Animalian dissident and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Culpeop fox and alongside Alya is one of only two members who wears headwear and is often described as "the hooded vixen". alongside her friend Oksana she is also one of the two "blue vixens" as she wears a navy blue latex bodysuit, a navy blue open faced hood and high heels.


Nobody in the A.MS is just as dedicated to bring down Mechanikat as well as pretty much everyone else in the A.MS and she also disapproves of cowardice as much as anyone else. Despite the fact however that she is a guard and guards aren't as active as normal agents Vasilisa is just as active as Alya and unlike most members of her allies believes some enemies such as Abigail, Louise, Lauren, Lily and Gabriella should be given chances because they are the more sympathetic members of the Animalian Junta however she believes that No chances should be given for others.

She is also arguably the most pragmatic member of the military students preferring to do things practically disapproving of humiliations of prisoners but is still supportive of humiliations, unlike most members she is relatively more accepting than others but she believes that male prisoners should be executed which many of them are also turning executions, torture and humiliations into spectator sports which impresses Nina but also Dabroniega because of this and the fact she is the most humiliating dissident to enemies but she is relatively accepting of defeat.


As a dissident guard Vasilisa manages to get herself out of but there are also a lot of things she just can't and the last battle of the A.M.S is one of them. At first Mechanikat calls for the members to be executed as he also does to many other opponents of the Junta some by hanging mostly females others by firing squad mainly males. But instead has them interred at Bronzeley and calls for the A.M.S's proscription also having most of the Junta's collaborators treat the A.M.S members in the most cruel ways and the most humiliating. Vasilisa spends the rest of the Junta years behind bars until her release from prison by the Animalian Patriotic Front when she is rehabilitated by Hunter and later rewarded by the Fox Junta for her efforts against Mechanikat.

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