Velupillai is a former Animalian terrorist and the leader of the Liberators of Animalia which is one of the six organizations that makes up the Animalian resistance.


He was named after former Sri Lankan terrorist Velupillai Prabhakaran.


He is an anthropomorphic Leonberger who is said to be a lot like the Burmese dog Maung the only difference being that Velupillai wears dog tags around his neck but he still wears the same clothing as the Burmese Leonberger. This same uniform is also worn by members of the L.O.A's women's faction but most of it's members wear a black belt across their waist and though the same uniform the uniform worn by the L.O.A's women's faction is of a green-blue colour. Velupillai wears a short sleeved multi-terrain patterned shirt and the same patterned trousers.


Velupillai is often described as one of the most organized leaders ever known to Animalia even more organized than the leader of the Animalian military students Tatyana. Under his leadership the L.O.A turns into one of the most ruthless and disciplined enemies ever and this is also highlighted in the fact he does not allow opposition or cowardice and also said to rule over the L.O.A's men's faction with a vice handed grip. In one of his speeches before the L.O.A join the battle against the Junta Velupillai also makes it absolutely clear that he has no ambition of backing from a fight but the sole exception of this is the first Animalian coup.

What makes him equally more notorious is the fact that like other members of the L.O.A and the leader of the other organizations he enjoys the savage treatment inflicted on male prisoners captured by the L.O.A, the A.R.A and the Animalian Mujahideen, these three organizations in particular cause savage treatment to prisoners because the A.M.S capture prisoners but their treatment is nowhere near as savage or brutal as treatment inflicted by the other three organizations and the other exception is the Road Rovers because very few prisoners are captured by the Rovers.

Some also say that he is almost dedicated to war but he respects the rights of his allies which also includes the rights of the Junta children, just as Omar is very protective of Shohreh and Osama is protective of Khadijeh Velupillai is very protective of the leader of the L.O.A's women's faction Chandrika who also says "Nobody is as determined to destroy Mechanikat as he is." Along with other leaders he is often the subject of urban legends typically told by older Junta children in Argentina but these are more commonly told by the older-younger Junta child Carmen and also Bernadette though she is one of the older children in the Junta. In these legends he is often depicted in a heroic yet frightening light. His heroic side being described as one of the greatest leaders in insurgency history but his frightening side being his mystery and disregard for life.

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