Vendula is a former Animalian student and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Alaskan Grey Wolf who is shown to be just as immaculate as other students in the A.M.S even if her clothing is not as dark as other students, in this case she wears a white blouse, black tights and black pumps but whilst most students wear black skirts Vendula's skirt is grey.


Vendula's great amount of sophistication gives her expert knowledge in espionage and also makes her a superb secret agent which a majority of students who are more immaculate are involved in, she is also described as a born secret agent and a double crosser and like one of her friends Yordanka is a skilled assassin but she is also a skilled terrorist. Even though she is Czech she is rather sophisticated almost on the same level as most vixens in the Fox Junta one of them being Ivana who is also Czech.

Her friendship with other A.M.S members also makes her collaborate with other members even if they are not students one example being Yordanka. Her skill in terrorism also leads to her being described as a ruthless terrorist and as well as the A.M.S Vendula also strikes a friendship with other female resistance fighters and like most of her friends has been in prison more times than she can really count, both allies and enemies alike describe her as someone with expert military training and a dedication to war. She is also described as a Czech Tamil Tiger fighter as she is also well known for her devotion, dedication, self discipline and motivation but despite this she enjoys the thrill and adventure in espionage even if she eventually does accept arrest.


During her time in the A.M.S Vendula is also hired as a secret agent to infiltrate the Animalian Junta and their allies carrying out espionage against enemies, some attempts fail or backfire on her resulting in her being imprisoned at least 10 to 20 times which double when she is involved with the A.M.S and ultimately the resistance and end with her imprisonment at the end of the civil war. Following the second Animalian coup she and the other A.M.S members and other female resistance fighters are released from prison and rehabilitated by the government with all resistance groups being re-established. It's members are also rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta, even Hunter and Charlotte.

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