Vida is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


She is an anthropomorphic Karst Shepherd and alongside her friend Tanja is also one of his armoured dogs in her soldier time. In her soldier time she wears a white T-Shirt, a brown leather chest plate that makes her look like she is wearing a corset, a black belt across her waist, mail trousers and black boots but in her government time she is more extravagant as she wears a black polo shirt, a navy blue fur coat, black leggings and black boots.


Just as Ioana and Maria are close because they are Romanian Tanja and Vida are close allies as they are Slovene but not only are they close to each other but other Slavic female dogs in general. She is also one of the more violent dogs as she has a taste for war often going as far as to be more violent than Tanja. Though her friend is not fun loving she is described as being just as serious as Tanja sometimes even being more serious than her. The A.P.F's enemies also say that she loves war even going as far as to say "she is obsessed with it"

Though Vida is not as frustrated as Katie is with Charlie she is often frustrated by the Romanian dogs Ioana and Maria because they wear more energetic clothing whilst everyone else wears more serious clothing, even the male Romanian dogs, despite her frustration with them though Vida still respects them. Much like Ioana and Maria treat each other like sisters Vida treats Tanja and other female dogs like sisters. She is also very respecting to allies and eventually her enemies. But not only is Vida friendly with other members of the A.P.F but also with the Fox Junta's older children as well as it's vixens and sole dogs, though Vida is as violent as Tanja she outdoes her as she is described as an arsonist and a pyromaniac.

Nonetheless she does enjoy watching the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago as well as it's sole kitten Valerie but also with young Junta children. Compared to Tanja and Magda Vida is also less intimidating to the babies who she also enjoys watching being startled, scared and/or hurt. However the Junta children are the only ones she likes but likes babies in general. She blames the media and their stereotype of teenagers for her attitude of teenagers in the Anthro world even though older children in the anthro world are nothing like the ones portrayed. Despite her violence in her government time this violence goes in her government time and she is more professional.

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