Vinayagamoorthy is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia.


He is an anthropomorphic Bakharwal dog and is one of the most disfigured resistance fighters fighting against the Junta but he isn't as disfigured as Gopalaswamy is. Vinayagamoorthy wears dark green and brown tiger stripe trousers and jacket with a light green and brown patterned shirt that are also tiger striped. He also has red patches around his face and upper legs that are like burn marks.


Like Gopalaswamy Vinayagamorthy is best defined as a daredevil willing to put himself at risk mainly in the air but also on land, though no one is exactly cowardly he is shown to be a lot more devil may care and though not seeing other groups that make up the resistance as being cowardly he sees the L.O.A as being the most sophisticated because of its military style organization whilst most other groups namely the Mujahideen and the Animalian Resistance Army act as more of an insurgent and guerrilla army and terrorist group, he is also shown to be appreciative of beauty somehow.

Because of the daredevil nature shown by him and Gopalaswamy as well as their dedication the two are shown to be very close friends also sharing neighbours in hospital with other L.O.A fighters who are wounded at the end of the civil war. Vinayagamoorthy also describes female fighters of the resistance groups as being religious nurses meaning they address each other by Sister a lot of the time, he also describes executed resistance fighters in the dream world as ghosts where as Gopalaswamy sees some of them as being angels though Vinayagamoorthy is shown never to see any ghosts of executed fighters because he spends most of his time in hospital asleep and even though the L.O.A sent him into a fiery pit for a short amount of time he feels very, very hot in hospital suffering symptoms of heatstroke, these include: Dizziness, red, hot and dry skin, Nausea, constant tiredness, terrible co-ordination, staggering and sometimes he is also even sick.

Because of these symptoms his health becomes a great concern after his time in hospital resulting in having an air conditioning system placed near his bed, being advised to sleep on top of his bed instead of in the bed, having constant ice baths amongst other measures of cooling. After the civil war and the dictatorship though his health greatly improves also after he gets out of hospital.

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