Vincente is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the husband of Maria and the father of their daughter Bella and her brothers Antonio and Sebastiano.


Now it could be argued that of all the generals he is the second most recognisable alongside the Belarusian general Branislaw as he has green fur with a white underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his time in Animalia and the Bunker he wears navy blue trousers and unlike other generals he wears a white shirt but his Marshall jacket is red whilst other generals wear blue, green or grey jackets. Vincente speaks English, Spanish and Italian.


Alongside the French general Marcel Vincente is shown to be very unpredictable an though he is a hero he acts like a villain as he is very mysterious and can be very dark towards his foes either he allies himself with them or he fights them. His cunning also comes in with robotics as he creates an Auton he calls Choummaly and programmes it to obey him to break out his wife and children from a haunted house but his order to destroy frightens Maria but in actuality he transports her from the house to where Choummaly came from. Unlike his son Antonio and his daughter Bella Vincente does not believe in ghosts or deity's (not that anyone else believes in deity's) All his dark side aside he is a loving and friendly character and loves his wife and children,

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