Violet is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the women's faction of the Liberators of Animalia. She and Sirimavo serve as two of the faction's three leaders.


She is an anthropomorphic Bucovina Shepherd Dog which is regarded as extremely popular in the resistance and also their allies as most female members are Bucovina Shepherds, though she also wears samurai clothing like Sirimavo she is not armoured. In Violet's case she wears a grey Japanese martial arts style jacket, black byahan, a green belt across her waist with a knife sheath and white knee lenghs samurai style boots with a dark blue sole.


Whereas Sirimavo is skilled in terrorism Violet is skilled in organized crime and gun running and it's partially her that the resistance get their weaponry as she and many others including the feared White Angels steal them from the Junta. She is also just as loyal to her leader Chandrika as Sirimavo is and is also shown to be a lot more sophisticated than Tatyana especially in clothing choice, but she enjoys the A.M.S more than Sirimavo but it doesn't alter the fact that it is still Chandrika that shows Tatyana round the resistance stronghold. 

Chandrika also says that all recruits of the L.O.A's women's faction have been trained by Sirimavo and Violet and with good reason because Violet is shown to be very skilled in karate which she commonly uses for fighting being considered one of the most efficient fighters ever, in defeat though she is just as defiant as her enemies which comes with a great, great price even though she still lives. Unlike the much more serious Sirimavo Violet loves the adventure and thrill of war just as many members of the A.M.S also do, though she does not normally attack Arabs because many of her allies are Afghan and Arab she does have a tendency to attack rival group members and also prisoners of war, her leader also says that she is highly cunning but not cunning enough which her other allies and many of her enemies also say to her on her capture. Despite this though she is exceedingly arrogant to her captors, likewise it is also said that she has to be sedated on her arrest.

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